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Inside this PrepPack™ find a series of verbal and numerical assessment tests. Topics within the verbal pack include verbal comprehension, spelling, grammar, vocabulary and sentence completion. In addition to the verbal pack, the numerical pack details basic maths, word problems and drills. This comprehensive bundle pack also includes video tutorials and study guides. Don't miss out. Buy now!

Behind the Scenes of BKSB's Assessment Tests

The BKSB Test assesses skill levels for English, maths and information & communication technology (ICT). Passing the test successfully is essential for course placement for incoming college students as well as for success in the vast majority of jobs and in the apprenticeship phase of trades employment.
There are two key assessments: the BKSB Initial Assessment, which measures basic skills and the optional diagnostic assessment, which aims to improve the skill level of learners. That improvement is accomplished by providing the resources needed to fill the ability gaps identified in Initial Assessment results.

The assessments are not timed, so you can take the time needed to do your best. The overall purpose of the BKSB Test is to ensure that you begin your college education in courses that fit your skills and knowledge. As to employment hiring, the goal of the Initial Assessment is to identify candidates who have the minimum abilities needed for effective performance of the job or training programme. BKSB Assessment is also used in the workplace as a tool for improving the skill level of current employees.

BKSB English Test

The BKSB English exam is formatted as both an online exam and a paper-based test. The assessment highlights a wide range of English language usage, such as reading comprehension, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, spelling, capitalisation, sentence sequencing, alphabetical ordering and vocabulary.

You will encounter many diverse question formats, though multiple-choice is most often used. Many of the items involve a passage followed by questions that offer four response alternatives. Your answers are to be based solely on the information contained in the written material. Some of the tasks include recalling information, summary of a passage, conclusions drawn from the writings provided, main idea and the author’s purpose.

Questions measuring your spelling skills may include a paragraph or a list and are accompanied by a request to underline or circle all words spelled incorrectly. You are then asked to spell these words correctly. Some questions will assess your vocabulary and grammar by asking you to complete a given sentence by selecting the alternative that is grammatically correct.

BKSB Maths Test

The maths assessment can be taken in either an online or paper-based format. Items contained in this exam consist of basic maths calculations. You can expect fundamental mathematical topics such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division; sequencing of numbers from smallest to largest; numbers written in words - the task being to select the same number presented in numerals, word problems, fractions, decimals, ratios and percentages.

It is far easier to review your maths skills by working on practice tests before facing the assessment than it is to sit through a whole year of numerical review in a remedial class.

Why Prepare for the BKSB Test

Preparing for the English and numerical sections will increase your chance of passing your BKSB test with the score you want. Practise will ensure you develop the skills needed to succeed as well as help you get acquainted with the types of questions you are likely to encounter. If your goal is to begin your college education in full-credit, college-level courses or to get hired as an apprentice, then it is essential to take the time and make the effort to fully prepare for the BKSB Assessment.



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