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About Alfresa Holdings

Located in CHIYODA-KU, Tokyo, Alfresa Holdings deliver medical equipment, diagnostic reagents and many more pharmaceuticals products. The company is unique for the distribution system it developed, and the comprehensive information provided to customers about all products.

Alfresa Holdings Recruitment Process

The steps in the Alfresa Holdings hiring process might be different for each position and candidate. Below are the basic steps:

  • Application: Update and edit your CV, and send it to the required position.
  • Phone Conversation: The HR manager/representative will call you to schedule an interview.
  • Face-to-face Interview: You will have a meeting with the professional manager.
  • Assessment Centre: A day in which you will participate in various activities, such as: Group discussion, acting out various scenarios and presentation. Also, interviews and tests might be involved. The importance of the Assessment Centre is that it helps the interviewers to decide if you are a suitable candidate.
  • Tests: You will be asked to take written/online exams.

Alfresa Holdings’s Assessment Tests

The assessments required could change for each role. The following exams might be part of the process:

  • Abstract Reasoning: Evaluates how you work out new concepts and abstract ideas. You will be asked questions about the logic of patterns and symbols.
  • Logical Reasoning: Assesses how you evaluate information and attend to detail. The method is abstract, diagrammatic and inductive questions.
  • Numerical Reasoning: Examines your quantitative skills. Composed of calculation tests, and/or questions about facts and figures.
  • SJT (Situational Judgement Test): Gives a perspective of your problem-solving skills.
  • Verbal Reasoning: Examines your abilities in vocabulary, grammar, comprehension, and text analysis.
  • Personality: Portraits an image of your work-related behaviour, strengths, weaknesses and other traits.
  • Excel: Tests your knowledge and level in Excel.
  • English Assessments Test: Evaluates your vocabulary, grammar and spelling English level.

Order and study for all of the required assessments.

Alfresa Holdings’s Interview Questions

During the exams, you might be asked the following questions:

  • Please tell me about yourself and your previous experience.
  • Why did you apply for this position, and in this company?
  • What is important to you at your workplace?
  • Other questions related to the specific role.

We recommend you to prepare by reading up about the world of Pharmaceuticals and Alfresa Holdings in particular, going through your CV and highlighting important parts in it.

Alfresa Holdings Subsidiaries:
Odashima Ryuyaku Sannova

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