Practise the ADF General Ability Test - Our Preparation for Your YOU Session

This test is one of the two sections included in the ADF Aptitude Test you will have to sit during your YOU Session. 
ADF General Ability Test Practice

2 full-length ADF General Ability Practice Tests

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The test consists of several different types of numerical, verbal and abstract reasoning questions. The questions range from straightforward to quite difficult, and the use of a calculator and/or a dictionary during the test is not allowed.

Numerical Reasoning

You will be required to use basic arithmetic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) in order to solve different problems (distance, work rate etc.) and number series.

Basic arithmetic problems

ADF Badic Arithmetic Problems - Numerical Reasoning

Arithmetic word problems

Monica earned $4200 dollars during a period of 21 days. How many dollars did she earn per day?

Number series

2  4  8  16  32  ?

Verbal Reasoning

Your ability to establish relationships between words will be assessed, as well as your vocabulary and other language skills.

Word meanings

Which word does not belong in this list?

a. Basketball  b. Referee  c. Baseball  d. Swimming  e. Tennis

Word analogy

LAMP is to ELECTRICITY as TRACTOR is to _____ ?

a. Produce  b. Grease  c. Plow  d. Fuel  e. Engine

Abstract Reasoning

You will need to identify different patterns and logically distinguish between sets of different shapes.

Which figure is next in the series?

ADF Abstract Reasoning Aptitude Test Example

Which figure is the odd one out?

ADF Abstract Reasoning Aptitude Test Example

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"I think this test is a great example to improve and to refocus others. I myself have enjoyed the time on this test and I would like to say thank you for all your help."
ADF Aptitude Test Practice, May 2014
"Your tests helped me greatly. I was applying for the Defence Force and used your tests to study for my YOU session. I received the marks I needed thank you!"
Private, ADF, September 2014

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