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Forming part of the Kenexa psychometric test battery, is the Kenexa Logical Reasoning test, rarely administered as a standalone test. Generally, major companies will use this test alongside the the Kenexa numerical reasoning test. High performance on any of the tests in the series isn't guaranteed. However, at JobTestPrep we have discovered that results can be improved dramatically with correct practise and an understanding of how the tests work.

What's Included

  • 25 numerical tests - graph/table interpretation
  • 22 logical tests - shape series and matrices
  • Over 700 practice questions
  • Explanations and solving strategies
  • 8 additional practice drills in specific numerical topics
  • Full explanations, solving tips, and smart score reports
  • 12 video tutorials - numerical and logical reasoning explained
  • Beginners and advanced
  • Secured payment
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