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Quick Overview of JobTestPrep's Practice Hub

2024 Spring Week

Start Preparing Today

Spring Insight programs are the best way to start your Investment Banking career.

Spring Week leads to Summer Internship. Summer Internship leads to a full-time role. As simple as that.

The trouble is, you are not the only one who knows this. More and more students apply for Spring Internships every year, and it is getting VERY competitive.

It’s important to remember that online testing is one of the most critical screening stages, and the BB banks are looking only at the candidates with the highest scores.

It is why we have created this preparation pack that will significantly improve your score and secures a Spring Week.

It includes:

  • Real practice questions – to ensure you won’t be surprised by ANYTHING.
  • Full guides with tips and strategies – you will know exactly how to answer every question quickly.
  • Assessment center preparation – be better than your competition in the assessment center.

Morgan Stanley 2024 Internship

Start Preparing Today

One of Morgan Stanley’s most efficient screening candidates applying for the summer internship is online testing.

I know how stressful it can get and how important it is for you to get your foot into Morgan Stanley’s door – one of the leading and desired financial firms in the world.

You are only starting your 2nd year in the university, and already so much pressure is put on you to jumpstart your finance career. And all the while you must keep up with your studies, which is hard enough.

Which is why we worked hard at creating this preparation pack to lift some weight off your shoulders. It has everything you need to prepare for the unique Morgan Stanley online tests.

It includes:

  • Real practice questions – to ensure you will know EVERY unique question type.
  • Full guides – accurate tips and strategies to ace the Morgan Stanley online tests.
  • Extra practice – a bank of additional practice questions to give you the edge over your competition.


Nomura 2024 Online Assessment

Start Preparing Today

Nomura is a fantastic bank to work on. It is known for its excellent work culture and generous salaries.

For that reason, combined with it being a tier 1 bank, the Nomura programs are highly competitive. It translates into a nerve-wracking and challenging application process.

I know how much time and effort you put into applying, and I appreciate you for working hard at jumpstarting your investment banking career.

In a bit, I will talk more about the different programs. Still, whether you are applying for a Nomura Spring Week, summer internship, off-cycle internship, industrial placement, or graduate scheme, you have to pass the Nomura online assessment.

It is why we have developed the 3-step fool-proof method to ace the online assessment and get one GIANT step towards a Nomura offer.

  • Step 1: Get accurate practice that EXACTLY simulates the Nomura online tests.
  • Step 2: Use a personalized report to identify your weak spots.
  • Step 3: Improve your performance with FULL explanations for every question, so you will never be surprised by any problem.


UBS 2024 Online Assessment

Start Preparing Today

Whether you are applying for a UBS Spring Week, summer internship, or graduate scheme, you will first have to go through the UBS online assessment – Junior Talent Online Assessment v2.

The UBS online assessment (which includes the UBS cultural appraiser and UBS numerical reasoning test) is one of the hardest of all BB banks.

A lot of candidates become overwhelmed by this challenge and give up without even trying. I appreciate the time and effort you put into this and that you did not give up!

It is why we have created this 3-step formula to ace the UBS online tests and improve your chances of securing a UBS offer.

  • Step 1: Practise with questions that look EXACTLY like the UBS online tests.
  • Step 2: Get a detailed report to analyze your performance and efficiently identify your weak spots.
  • Step 3: Get full explanations for every question, accompanied by solving tips and strategies, to ensure you know how to answer ALL questions.

Start your accurate practice run and take one step closer to a UBS placement.

Credit Suisse 2024 Online Assessment

Start Preparing Today

Getting a Credit Suisse internship or full-time job is not an easy task.

As one of the largest and most desired banks globally, thousands of top candidates apply to other Credit Suisse programs.

I know that the application process is long and tiring, and I respect your dedication to standing up to the challenge!

Whether you are applying for a Credit Suisse Spring Week, summer internship, or graduate program, you have to go through the Credit Suisse online assessment. Each program is different, however, and the differences will be described in more detail below.

I am here to walk you through the first and most crucial step of the application process and make sure you pass the tests with flying colors.

With our preparation pack, you will get:

  • Real practice questions – Familiarise yourself with the specific way the test's actual problems will look like.
  • Tips & Strategies – Improve your performance with thorough explanations for EVERY question, including solving tips and strategies.
  • Extra practice – Make sure your weak spots are no longer so, with a bank of additional questions.

Start practicing now for the Credit Suisse online assessment, relevant for any position you apply to, and secure a Credit Suisse offer.


BNP Paribas Summer Internship 2024

Start Preparing Today

You are about to take the most crucial step in your career – Investment Banking Summer internship.

As many applicants are competing for a BNP Paribas internship, the screening process is complicated. It is not easy to gather how BNP Paribas chooses to whom they extend an offer.

This uncertainty could be frustrating and might even avert some students out of applying altogether.

You have made a great choice by applying, despite the challenge, and I appreciate the time and effort you put into it. And I am here to help you moving forward.

Here you will get an accurate preparation that will help you get a high score and pass on to the next step.

The preparation pack includes:

  • Accurate Practice Questions – Get to know what the real test looks like for every BNP Paribas department you apply to.
  • Tips & Strategies – Get full guides to deal with these specific types of tests.
  • Extra Practise – Strengthen your weak spots with a bank of additional questions.

Start practising now to ace the online tests and secure a BNP Paribas internship.