How the UKCAT Score Is Calculated

On the UKCAT, points are not deducted for incorrect responses. The scores on the Verbal Reasoning, Abstract Reasoning, and Quantitative Reasoning subtests are based on the amount of questions answered correctly. Since the number of questions on each section varies, the raw scores need to be converted to scaled scores. The scaled scores for these sections have a common range of 300-900. To determine the total scaled UKCAT score, simply add up the individual scores of each section. Scaled scores in 2016 range between 900-2700. For example, if you score a 710 on Verbal Reasoning, a 750 on Abstract Reasoning, and an 830 on Quantitative Reasoning, your total scaled UKCAT score will be 2290. Note that before 2016, the UKCAT scaled scores ranged from 1200 to 3600, as there was a Decision Analysis section included in the UKCAT. This year there is a Decision Making section which will not be scored (for this year). Make sure you are aware of this when you look at the university score requirements of previous years.

How the UKCAT SJT Section Is Scored

The UKCAT SJT subtest is scored a bit differently than the cognitive tests. The raw score is provided in one of four bands, with one being the highest band and four being the lowest band. Learn more about UKCAT Situational Judgement scoring.

How Do I Find out My UKCAT Scores?

Upon leaving the test centre, you will receive a copy of your UKCAT scores. Make sure to hold onto this and keep it safe. UCAS will take care of sending your scores to the universities to which you are applying. The copy that you receive at the test centre is primarily for your own personal record.

What Score Do I Need on the UKCAT?

There are 26 universities that require the UKCAT. Due to the recent changes in the UKCAT (removal of Decision Analysis and addition of Decision Making), most universities do not yet have a determined UKCAT score requirement. Learn more about university requirements.

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