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What's Included

  • 3 full QTS-style numeracy tests  
  • 34 numerical drills – including averages, percentages word problems & more  
  • 4 in-depth study guides  
  • Video tutorials  
  • Money back guarantee   



The QTS numeracy test is broken into two (2) distinct subtests – mental arithmetic and written arithmetic/data analysis.
You will take both tests alongside the QTS literacy test.  The numeracy section of the QTS contains a total of 28 questions to be answered in 48 minutes.
The types of questions you will encounter on test day include those for basic maths, fractions, decimals, percentages, conversions, averages and more.   


Our specialised QTS-style numeracy PrepPack™ is designed to give you extensive practise for each of the questions you will encounter come test day. Not only will you get to know the QTS test format and question styles with this pack, you will also be able to practice under timed conditions, just like the actual test. Practising in this way will stimulate your learning process and promote answering speed and accuracy. Don’t hesitate – start practising today to improve your chances of passing your QTS test on your first go!  

QTS Mental Arithmentic Test

In the QTS mental arithmetic section, the questions are spoken through your headphones. You have to type the correct answer into the box provided. There are 45 seconds per question, which means you have to pay attention to the details, make a note of the important figures, and then use them to calculate the answer in the time allotted.

This section consists of 12 questions, and, as the name suggests, it involves mental arithmetic, so you are not allowed to use a calculator on this test.

Topics covered on the mental arithmetic section are time, averages, and the four basic numerical functions (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division).

QTS Written Arithmetic Test

The questions in this section typically focus on tables, graphs, charts, and word-based questions. You are asked to identify trends over time, compare different items of numerical data in order to draw conclusions, and interpret and use information in a productive manner.

You are allowed to use a calculator (which is provided on screen), and the questions can follow a variety of formats, including multiple-choice, free text response, select and place an answer, or point and click on an answer.

This section consists of 16 questions. You have about 40 minutes to answer these questions, equating to roughly two and a half minutes per question.

Although you have significantly more time on this section than on the mental arithmetic one, this does not mean this section is easier. On the contrary, the questions are much harder than the mental arithmetic ones. Therefore, it is essential that you begin to familiarise yourself with the test content and the question types and formats to ensure your success.

Prepare for the QTS Numeracy Test

The numeracy test requires forethought and preparation in order to succeed. Moreover, if you want to become a teacher, passing the QTS numeracy skills test is essential. Use JobTestPrep's resources to familiarise yourself with the QTS test's content and question style and format. Our QTS–style preparation package contains three full-length practice tests, additional practice drills, detailed answer explanations, score reports, and more. Start preparing today to ensure your success.  

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