Prepare for the QTS Numeracy Skills Test

Are you hoping to take the QTS skills test? One of the most feared aspects of becoming a teacher involves the numeracy skills test. Here we will explain the different sections of the test, what you can expect and how to prepare for the QTS tests.
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What is the QTS Numeracy Test?

The QTS maths test is really a combination of two separate tests that you will take consecutively. We will outline each of the tests below:

Section 1 - QTS Mental Arithmetic Test

In this section of the QTS test you will hear the questions spoken through your headphones. You have to type in the correct answer in the box provided. There are 45 seconds per question which means that you have to really pay attention to the details, make a note of the important figures and then use them to calculate the answer in the time allotted. There are 12 questions in this QTS test. As the name suggests, it is mental arithmetic so you are not allowed to use calculators in this test.

Topics covered in the mental arithmetic test: time, averages, as well as the four basic numerical functions (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division).

An example QTS numeracy mental arithmetic test question:

Click on the icon below to hear the question.

Section 2 - QTS Written Test

This section of the test is longer than section 1. Whereas the mental arithmetic test only had 12 questions this test has approximately 16 questions. You have about 40 minutes to answer these questions and this equates to roughly two and a half minutes per question. The questions are based on tables, graphs, charts, and word based questions. You have to identify trends over time, compare different items of numerical data in order to draw conclusions, and interpret and use information in a productive manner. You are allowed to use a calculator, and this is provided on screen. The questions can follow a variety of formats including multiple choice, free text response, select and place an answer or point and click on an answer.

Although you have significantly more time in the QTS written test than in the mental arithmetic section this doesn’t mean to say that this section is easier. On the contrary, the questions are much harder than the mental arithmetic ones. It is therefore essential that you are fully prepared for the tests. This is why we created this professional skills test practice pack, to give you the best chance of success.

A QTS numeracy test question is below:

A teacher is planning an outing for her class of 30 to go the local farm to see the sheep shearing in progress. The cost of each ticket to the farm for each pupil is £4.75 each with the accompanying helpers and teachers (3) each costing the same. The hire of the coach for everyone is £120.

Q: How much will each person have to pay for the outing in order to cover the travel cost as well as the ticket to the farm?

Why Practice Professional Skills Tests?

In order to become a teacher, you have to succeed in the QTS test. This being the case you have to know in advance what to expect We hope you have enjoyed this page and look forward to helping you succeed in your application.

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