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What's Included

  • Three QTS–style practice tests
  • 35+ extra practice drills and tests
  • Full explanations, solving tips, study guides
  • Smart score reports
  • Immediate online access, anywhere, anytime
  • Practice 24/7
  • Tests are in English
  • Immediate online access, practice 24/7


The QTS professional skills test is an exam that teachers need to take in order to earn the Department for Education (DFE) qualified teacher's status. The test assesses your ability to perform basic professional duties. Divided into both numeracy and literacy sections, there are six total test areas covered.

QTS Literacy Test

The literacy test is comprised of four different sections: spelling, punctuation, grammar, and comprehension. The time limit of this test is 48 minutes, and it is worth between 41 and 49 points as the grammar and comprehension questions can vary in number.


The QTS spelling section is an audio test in which you will hear a word and be required to spell it correctly. The words in the test are those you are expected to know and use as a professional teacher. This section consists of ten sentences, each with a possible mistake to be corrected.


The QTS punctuation section assesses your ability to apply punctuation in the correct places. You will be presented with a text that is 150–200 words long and contains 15 punctuation errors. You will be asked to insert punctuation into a piece of writing, but you will not be required rewrite any part of the passage. The punctuation tasks in the test are essential for all teachers' written communication.


The QTS grammar section assesses your ability to distinguish between text that is grammatically correct and text that is not. You will be presented with four possible sentences in which to complete a paragraph correctly. The grammar on which you will be tested is essential for communication as part of your professional teaching career. 


The QTS comprehension section assesses your ability to read and understand an official text. You must demonstrate, amongst other skills, your ability to identify the main points, distinguish between fact and opinion, and draw inferences and deductions. You will be presented with a complex text from which you are required to answer questions. 

QTS Numeracy Test

The numeracy test is comprised of two different sections: mental arithmetic and written. The test consists of 28 questions that must be completed in 48 minutes.

Mental Arithmetic

The mental arithmetic section is an audio test which requires headphones. It assesses your ability to solve arithmetic problems involving the following: the four basic operations, time, fractions, decimals, percentages, measurement, and conversions.

Written Arithmetic and Data

The written arithmetic and data section is comprised of a series of problems. It assesses your ability to interpret and use written data to identify trends, make comparisons, and interpret information. You will be tested on your ability to solve written arithmetic problems in various areas, including time, money, proportion and ratio, conversions, averages, and range.

Prepare for the QTS Professional Skills Test

Passing the QTS skills test is a necessary step in the process to become a teacher. Therefore, careful preparation is essential. JobTestPrep offers a comprehensive preparation pack to help you pass the test the first time you take it. Practise with us to ensure your success.

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