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What Are the QTS Professional Skills Tests?

There are two sections to the QTS skills test. Roughly speaking they are known as the QTS literacy test and the numeracy skills test. Each of these tests is split into a number of different tests.

The QTS Literacy Tests

There are four sections in the QTS literacy test and we will outline them below. For a complete understanding of these tests and practice materials see our dedicated page on this section.

  • QTS Spelling Test - In this section you are presented with a sentence and a missing word. You will hear the word spoken and it is your task to correctly spell the word in the box provided.
  • QTS Punctuation Test - Here you are presented with a section of text that has 15 different punctuation mistakes. You have to select where the mistake is and note where (and what) punctuation is needed.
  • QTS Grammar Test - In this test you are presented with a document such as a letter from school. There are sections of the text that you have to complete. You do so by selecting one the four options available to you. Only one of the options is correct and the incorrect options have grammatical errors which you have to spot and therefore not select them as correct.
  • QTS Comprehension Test - Here are have to go through a long text, often more than 600 words. You then have to answer a number of multiple choice questions based on the passage.

The Numeracy Skills Tests

There are two different tests in this section. Each of these professional skills tests assesses your numerical ability in a different way. In the first section of the QTS maths test you will hear the question through your headphones. In the second section, you have to answer questions based on information presented either in sentences, tables, graphs, or a combination. Learn more about the QTS maths test on the dedicated page.

What is the Professional Skills Test Pass Mark?

The overall professional skills test pass mark is 63%. This doesn’t mean that you can score a combined total of 63%, but rather you have to aim to score at least 63% on each of the tests. In order to ensure that you do pass, it is imperative that you get QTS skills test practice. The questions you face in the tests are not as easy as you would think. Not only this but you also have to deal with time pressure. For example, in the first section of the QTS maths test you only have 45 seconds to answer each question. This is even shorter than you think.

Who Makes the QTS Professional Skills Test?

The professional skills tests are produced by a company called Learndirect. Although in the past they used a company called Pearson, in 2015 this was changed to the above company. Learndirect is the UK’s largest provider of skills, training and employment services so you can be sure that your upcoming test will be fair and professional.

Prepare for Success

Passing the QTS skills tests is something that you don’t have a choice to do or not. If you want to become a teacher you have to succeed in these tests. Here at JobTestPrep we have a variety of materials to help you succeed on both your QTS literacy test and numeracy skills test.