Learn More about the OPP ABLE Series Tests

OPP is a UK based, International consulting and assessment company with offices throughout Europe as well as in the US. OPP stands for Oxford Psychologists Press. They create and distribute a number of well known assessment tools used by companies worldwide.


OPP specialises in talent identification and people development. Simply put this means that they assist companies in the assessing the aptitude and personality of potential as well as current employees. When applying for a job you are likely to come across one of the many aptitude tests supplied by OPP as part of your assessment process.

OPP can either assess candidates directly for employers or provide companies with training and resources that enables them to do the assessment themselves.


One of the assessment tools provided by OPP is the ABLE Series aptitude tests. These are a popular group of tests that place an emphasis on the learning abilities of the applicant.

You can find more information about this series of tests:


OPP Saville Tests

OPP is also partnered with Saville Consulting and provides employers with Saville’s online aptitude tests. You can find out more about these tests here.

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