ABLE Critical Information Analysis Skill Sets

Critical Information Analysis tests are designed to assess candidates applying for positions that require a certain skill set. In order to succeed applicants must show the ability to think out of the box by creating their own independent concepts from the information provided and not rely on pre-set patterns of judgement.

ABLE Critical Information Analysis Test Format

Like the other ABLE exercises, the Critical Information Analysis exercise starts by presenting you with a large amount of information. What’s different is that not all of the information is necessary for the decision making process. You will be required to work out what information is truly necessary and extrapolate the rest without actually needing to be informed of it. You will need to ascertain what information is critical in order for an accurate judgement to be made.

You will receive an information and question booklet made up of 12 separate sheets in written form. You’ll also receive an answer booklet that is in the form of a grid and comes in 12 parts. In each answer grid there will be 6 different items of information. Your job will be to choose the smallest number of items necessary to be able to make an accurate and informed decision. The test takes exactly 40 minutes as well as an additional 15 minutes of explanation beforehand.

An example may be the budgeting and marketing decisions of an advertisement campaign. You will be given many different types of information such as pricing, market research, available resources, company policy on advertising etc. Depending on the specific questions, some of the information will be critical while other pieces of presented data will be either superfluous or irrelevant.

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