IBM IPAT Test Preparation and Sample Test

The IPAT (or IPATO) is IBM’s specially created online aptitude test. The IBM aptitude test examines you on two different forms of numerical reasoning: numerical series and numerical reasoning.
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A selection of questions and answers known to appear in IBM's IPAT/IPATO, including score reports.

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The IPAT test is regarded as one of the hardest tests you will come up against in any recruitment process. The test has three sections, but you will be asked to take just two of them. The IBM online test is timed, with each question allocated its own time limit of 2.15 minutes. This time limit creates pressure on you to answer quickly and accurately.

The numerical series test asks about 20 questions which are varied in difficulty. The numerical series questions are more challenging than any other numerical questions you may have come up against in the past. They ask you to identify the patterns and then fill in the missing numbers.

The IBM numerical reasoning test contains 20 numerical problem solving questions testing you on mathematical skills. These questions vary in difficulty from beginner level questions to advanced. IBM numerical aptitude question topics include:

  • Basic algebra
  • Conversions of measurements and weights
  • Fractions
  • Speed-distance-time
  • Ratios

IBM IPAT Test Sample

Janet is at the local pub, drinking a White Russian. This cocktail is usually made of coffee liqueur (40 to 50 percent), cream (10 to 25 percent) and vodka. Vodka contains 40% alcohol, and coffee liqueur contains 10% alcohol. If the whole drink contains 200ml, how much alcohol does Janet consume by drinking it (in ml)?

Choose the right answers and post it in the comment box:

  1. Between 28ml-50ml
  2. Between 28ml-48ml
  3. Between 24ml-42ml
  4. Between 30ml-48ml
  5. Between 30ml-50ml

You have several days to complete the IBM assessment test, so take your time making sure you are prepared before you take it. You are up against your fellow applicants in the test, so you need to get a good score in the test to compete. All of this adds up to a challenging test. Familiarise yourself for the IBM aptitude test, and prepare for the IPAT with our dedicated IPAT style preparation pack.

If you are successful at the IPAT or online test stage, you will be invited to the next assessment. This is the point at which differences appear in the recruitment processes, but for most applicants, the next two stages contain a mix of interviews and assessment centres.

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