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What Is the Hogan Business Reasoning Inventory (HBRI)?

The Hogan Business Reasoning Inventory (HBRI) is a psychometric assessment designed by Hogan Assessments to measure an individual's problem-solving skills in the qualitative, qualitative and spatial information fields. 

The HBRI test mainly assesses candidates for management and business positions. 

Is the HBRI timed?

Yes. The test is limited to 30 minutes and comprises 24 questions, divided into 3 types: verbal, numerical, and abstract reasoning. You won't be allowed to use a calculator or any other support/help.

You can learn more about the HBRI with our dedicated video:

What Does the HBRI Measure?

The HBRI aims to measure your critical thinking abilities, in a way that will predict performance in a wide variety of management and business settings. To do so, your basic scores on the test will be converted and analyzed into 3 main factors that your employer will see in your personal HBRI report:

Overall Business Reasoning

  • This factor presents the ability to balance short and long-term goals, link innovation to implementation, recognize assumptions, understand agendas, evaluate arguments, etc.
  • Provides a normative score – comparing how well did you score on the HBRI compared to a sample of working adults from across the globe.

Qualitative and Quantitative Reasoning

  • Qualitative Reasoning – This factor presents the ability to work with data visualization, logic, and verbal information to solve problems.
  • Quantitative Reasoning – This factor presents the ability to work with mathematical and spatial information to solve problems.
  • These Factors also provide a normative score – comparing how well did you score on the HBRI compared to a sample of working adults from across the globe.

Cognitive Style: The Interaction of Qualitative and Quantitative Reasoning

  • This factor combines the two critical reasoning components to describe how you think and solve problems in the workplace.
  • There are 4 Cognitive Style Profiles in the HBRI's model: Expedient Thinker, Analytical Thinker, Contextual Thinker, and Critical Thinker

Hogan Business Reasoning Inventory Sample Questions

As mentioned before, proper practice and familiarity with the test questions significantly reduce stress and anxiety on test day and raise your chance for success. That's precisely why our experts at JobTestPrep have made a dedicated short free sample test for you.

The sample questions below don't include all the different types you may face in the test, but only most of them. If you want to practice more types of questions, you can check out our HBRI PrepPack. 

Numerical Reasoning

Civil Service Numerical Test 2

How much did a family, visiting the Louvre, spend (in £) if it consisted of 3 adults, 2 students and 1 senior an 2 of the adults and 1 of the students bought their tickets online?

1. 59.13
2. 77.8
3. 66.8
4. 50.77
5. 61.13
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is (1) - £59.13

student ticket to the Louvre costs: €14.
There were 2 students in the family, one of them bought his ticket online (saving 20%). That means that one student paid full price: €14 while the other student paid 80% of the original price: €14*(80/100)= €14*0.8:
€14 + €14*0.8 = €25.2 

An adult ticket to the Louvre costs: €16.
There were 3 adults in the family, two of them bought their tickets online (saving 20%). That means that one adult paid full price: €16 while the other two adults paid 80% of the original price: 2*€16*(80/100) = €32*0.8
€16 + €16*0.8 + €16*0.8 = €41.6

senior ticket to the Louvre costs: €11. There was one senior in the family.

Therefore, the total family's-costs to the Louvre: €25.2 + €41.6 + €11 = €77.8

Notice that the question asks you to calculate the total cost in GBP. Therefore, use the appropriate exchange rate, according to the second table:

Verbal Reasoning

ROADBLOCK is to CAR as FETTER is to…

5. IRON  
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

A roadblock prevents a car from moving just as a fetter prevents the convict from moving.

Abstract Reasoning

Can you identify the missing shape?




View Answer:

The correct answer is alternative E

Columns: In each column, the symbols in one of the cells are a combination of the symbols from the other cells so that:

A. The “combination cell” consists of all (and only) the symbols from the other cells in the column.

B. The symbols from the lower cell (out of the cells containing two symbols) appear first from left in the “combination cell”, followed by the two symbols from the upper cell.

The only option that matches these patterns is E. 

Note: you can also look at the rows, however, it is not sufficient for choosing one answer. 
In each row, two of the cells consist of two symbols and the third cell consists of four symbols. None of the symbols appear more than once in the same row.


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