Prepare for Gen2-Style Engineering Apprenticeship Tests

Have you been invited to take the Gen2 General Engineering apprenticeship aptitude test? Find out what this test entails and how to prepare yourself with the offered PrepPack™: Get access to numerical and cut-e-style verbal tests, guides and other useful tools.

Gen2 Engineering Apprenticeship
  • 16 numerical tests
  • 5 grammar tests
  • 4 cut-e-style verbal ability tests
  • 17 mechanical tests
  • 4 guides and tutorials
  • Money back guarantee – see terms and conditions

This PrepPack™ combines numerical, mechanical and cut-e-style verbal tests, as well as guides and tutorials.

About Gen2 Engineering

A Gen2 General Engineering apprenticeship can provide you with the skills and experience to become qualified in your field. All General Engineering applicants are aptitude tested before they progress to the technical ability assessment stage.


In order to get properly ready for your recruitment procedure as an engineer at Gen2, it would be wise to take simulation tests resembling those required in the actual process. Such and other efficient materials are part of this product. Order here and start studying immediately.

Technical Numerical Test

This assessment measures your ability to understand and evaluate numerical data in an applied technical context. You must identify the correct answer from the options given. For example, you will receive a sentence of information in which you have to choose 1 out of 4 of the answers. In this assessment, you are presented with several different types of tasks, including converting units, calculating percentages, volume and area. This assessment contains 4 sections, with 5 questions being in each section and lasts 15 minutes. Each section is timed for 3-5 minutes. You are allowed to bring your own calculator.

Mechanical Test

This assessment measures your ability to understand how simple mechanical systems work. You are presented with figures depicting various types of mechanical systems about which you will be asked questions. The actual test is 15 minutes with 24 tasks to work through.

English Language Test

This assessment measures your grammar skills in the English language. The actual assessment is 10 minutes in total, with three sections, each section timed for between 2-4 minutes. You are given a sentence together with a list of words and you are asked to choose the correct answer or to fill in the gap.

Visual Thinking Test

This section of the Gen2 aptitude test measures your ability to think visually. You are asked to identify the mistakes between an original picture and a copy. Each task contains two pictures, the original on the left and the copy on the right, containing three mistakes. The actual test is timed for 5 minutes, with 6 tasks in total to work through. The tasks may become more difficult as the ‘copy’ could be rotated or a mirrored copy of the original, so be aware of this.

Verbal Reasoning Test

In this assessment, you are presented with passages of text and must determine whether the statements about these passages are True, False or Cannot Say. When making your judgement, use only the information presented. You have 42 questions and 12 minutes in which to answer them, but there is no expectation that you complete all questions in the time provided. If you are unsure of the answer, just move on to the next question.

Accurate Calculations Test

This assessment measures your ability to complete simple calculations quickly and accurately. You are presented with simple equations that you must correctly solve using the numbers from 1-9. Each number from 1-9 may only be used once to answer each question and some questions may have more than one correct solution. You have 5 minutes to attempt 15 questions.

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Prepare for Success

With each assessment, there will be full instructions and a further example provided as part of the assessment. If you are unsure of the answer, move on to the next one and avoid wild guessing.

Familiarising yourself using practice tests can give you the best preparation out there and allow you to complete the tests with confidence. Do not underestimate the value of these tests. If you are fully prepared, it can give your application a boost; therefore, it is important to know exactly what sort of questions you can encounter on the tests and how they are asked. Try to work quickly and accurately and most important - believe in yourself.