Prepare for Gen2-Style Business Administration Apprenticeship Tests

Have you been invited to take a Gen2 aptitude test for a Business Administration Apprenticeship? Learn about what this test involves and how to prepare with JobTestPrep.

  • Total Tests: 14
  • Topics Covered: English, understanding information, verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, numeracy
  • Includes: Full explanations, solving tips, smart score reports
Gen2 Business Administration
  • 3 English tests
  • 3 Understanding information tests
  • 3 Verbal Reasoning tests
  • 4 Numerical Reasoning tests
  • Numeracy test
  • Full explanations & solving tips
  • Smart score reports
  • Immediate online access, everywhere, anytime
  • Practice 24/7
  • Tests are in English!
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The Gen2 Business Administration apprenticeship provides a wide variety of training from basic business administration duties to administration skills necessary to manage teams.

As part of the selection process for Business Administration Apprentice roles for Gen2 you have to take the aptitude test. This has five separate sections that are outlined below:

English Language Test

This assessment measures your reading and writing skills in the English language. The actual assessment lasts for 10 minutes, with three sections, each section timed for between 2 and 4 minutes. You are given a list of options and asked to select the correct answer.

Verbal Reasoning Test

This section of the Gen2 aptitude test measures your ability to understand and evaluate written information from texts. You have to determine whether statements about the texts presented are True, False or Cannot Say. When answering the questions, it's important to only use the information mentioned in the actual text that you are given. You have 42 questions and 12 minutes in which to attempt them, however you are not expected to complete all questions in the time provided.

Numerical Reasoning Test

This assessment is used to measure your ability to work with complex numerical data using graphs and charts. You are presented with tables or figures containing data and you have to answer various questions based on this. You have to use your mathematical knowledge as well as your ability to find the correct information in order to answer the questions correctly. You have a total of 36 questions, with only 12 minutes to complete the entire test. Hence practice is very important if you want to succeed in this test. Taking practice tests not only gives you the skills to answer the questions but also the familiarity with the actual test whilst working under severe time pressure.

Accurate Calculations Test

This assessment measures your ability to complete simple calculations quickly and accurately. You are presented with simple equations that you must correctly finish by using the numbers from 1-9. Each number may only be used once to answer each question, and some questions may have more than one correct solution. The assessment has 15 questions and you have 5 minutes in which to attempt them.

Understanding Instructions

This assessment measures your ability to understand and evaluate written information from texts. The assessment presents you with passages of text and you are asked to determine whether statements about these passages of text are True, False, or Cannot Say. When you are making your decision it is important to use only the information presented. This section of the Gen2 aptitude test contains 24 questions in 8 minutes.

Why should you prepare for the Gen2 Aptitude tests?

As we have seen above, there are various aspects to this test and without knowing what to expect it is very difficult to do yourself justice. Just as you can't work in business administration without any training, you cannot expect to do the best possible job in this test without preparation. We therefore provide you with a test preparation package in order to give yourself the best chance of success. We look forward to having you on board.

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