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Practice cut-e Style Numerical Ability Tests

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Cut-e's numerical ability tests are designated for various fields and positions. The tests are divided into three types:

cut-e Numerical Reasoning Tests

  • Number of questions: 37
  • Time: 12 minutes

As suggested by their name, numerical reasoning tests require you to analyse and evaluate complex numerical information. They are mainly used by cut-e for screening graduates as well as middle and senior management positions. There are three industry-dependent versions of this assessment: consumer, finance and industrial. The difference between these versions is not in level of difficulty or mathematical abilities, however, but in subject matter only, as described below.

In these tests, numerical data is presented in charts and tables in a special format, closely resembling a typical case study. All charts and tables refer to a certain company, and are organised in different tabs, so that only one tab is visible at a given moment. The finance version, for example, may describe an investment company and present more finance-oriented tables (e.g., balance sheet etc.). The consumer version, on the other hand, will be of a retail company and include some HR data, and the industrial one may present production details. The questions, tables and charts in all three versions are of the same complexity level, and none of the tests require any previous knowledge of professional terms or anything else.

The questions follow a true/false/cannot say format. Each question is a statement, and your task is to decide whether it is true, false, or perhaps the provided information is insufficient to arrive at a firm conclusion. In order to make that decision, you need not only interpret the numerical data correctly, but also figure out which tab contains the relevant information to that particular statement in the first place.

These cut-e tests assess your numerical abilities as well as your ability to find your way through a relatively large amount of data in a very short period of time. Common numerical reasoning practice questions may help you brush up on your numeracy skills, but they cannot appropriately prepare you for the other elements included in these tests. To this end, we have created special online practice packs that are able to simulate real cut-e numerical reasoning tests. Our packs include full-length consumer and finance practice tests along with comprehensive explanations and solving tips. We also guide you on how to quickly find your way through the different tabs and shorten the time it takes you to answer correctly. Additionally, our packs provide various mathematical study materials, including guides, video tutorials and practice questions. Start practicing now and improve your performance on the real test!

cut-e Numeracy Skills

  • Number of questions: 15
  • Time: 5 minutes

Also referred to as "scales eql", this short test assesses basic numeracy skills. It is used to screen candidates for any role involving arithmetic skills, from sales to secretariat positions. Each question presents a solved equation with missing variables, and your task is to find the value of these variables that make the equation true. In order to do well on this test you will have to work very quickly and efficiently.

JobTestPrep now offers a numeracy and calculation practice pack including a cut-e-style Numeracy Skills practice test. Also in the pack are extra practice drills, detailed explanations and solving tips for this particular cut-e test.

cut-e Numerical Interpretation

  • Number of questions: 36
  • Time: 12 minutes

Unlike the numerical reasoning tests, the cut-e numerical interpretation test focuses on finding and using numerical information rather than requiring deeper data analysis and logical thinking. This test is mainly used by cut-e to screen candidates for administrative and commercial positions.

The basic features of the test are the same as in the numerical reasoning test above. Numerical data is presented in tables and diagrams organised in separate tabs, and the questions are in a true/false/cannot say format. Your task is to evaluate the validity of each statement, once you have figured out where to find the relevant information.

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