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Cubiks Logiks Abstract Reasoning Test requires you to demonstrate your ability to identify logical connections between diagrams. JobTestPrep's customised PrepPack offers you the exact material you need to prepare for this challenge. Read on for more information.

Number of Questions and Question Types in Cubiks Abstract Reasoning Test

You are expected to answer 30 questions when completing this Cubiks Logiks test. The majority of the questions require you to select the next diagram in the series. By practising the abstract reasoning questions you gain an understanding of the types of logical connections that diagrams can bear.

Time and other Challenges

In Logiks abstract reasoning test you should answer all 30 questions in 15 minutes. To successfully complete the test you should acquire the skillset to quickly recognize logical relations in the presented task. The thorough practice offers you the advantage of familiarising yourself with the possible logical relations you can come across. A further advantage is that you will learn how to allocate your time whilst taking the test and maintain your concentration for the entire time of the assignment.

Tips for Success 

As suggested before it is essential you understand the nature of this Cubiks Logiks test. By investing time and effort into learning about the test you can strengthen the skills required to achieve outstanding results. By implementing the learned tips and tools into your Cubiks online test practice you can significantly improve your results and achieve a better performance quicker.

JobTestPrep Cubiks-Style Abstract Reasoning Package

JobTestPrep's tailored package presents you with the essential tools to prepare for your Cubiks Abstract Reasoning Tests. The package is designed to help you achieve your best performance by including Logiks-style tests, tips, tools, reports, explanations and study guides. Start preparing today with JobTestPrep's Cubiks-Style Abstract Reasoning Package to maximise your performance. 


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What's Included

  • 5 Cubiks abstract practice tests
  • 11 inductive reasoning practice tests
  • 9 matrices practice tests
  • 1 inductive reasoning video tutorial
  • Money back guarantee – see terms and conditions
  • Total tests: 25
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