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There are over 20 international airports as well as many domestic and private airfields across the country. Each international airport has its own specialist airport fire service. This is necessary as there are myriad potential problems that can occur on a daily basis. Hence there is a need for a specialist airport fire service for each international airport.


Airport Firefighter Recruitment Process

The recruitment process includes the following stages:

Application Form

The first stage of any airport firefighter job application is the application form. Although they vary between airports, there are a number of sections that all do include, such as a full CV upload. When creating your CV, ensure that you include all the relevant skills that you have that relate to being a firefighter. In order to apply to be a firefighter in an airport, you will almost definitely need to have some previous experience as a firefighter. Therefore you should include this as your experience and use your CV to demonstrate your firefighting prowess.


If your application impresses the airport fire service you will be invited to attend an interview. This may be in person but usually this interview is conducted over the phone. The interview in airport firefighter job recruitment is similar to the general firefighter interview and is based on the firefighter personal qualities and attributes, the PQAs. Some questions that you are likely to face include:

  • What do you think are the top three skills an airport firefighter must have?
  • Why did you apply to this role?
  • Tell me about a time when you worked as part of a team?

The best way to prepare for such an interview is to actually have one. At JobTestPrep we have comprehensive tools that can help you practise for your airport firefighter interview.

Psychometric and Written Tests

As many of the firefighter roles in an airport require fully trained firefighters, there are often no aptitude tests to take. However, many airport fire and rescue authorities ask you to take either the firefighter written tests or other standard numerical and personality tests. Whatever test you are asked to take, JobTestPrep can help you prepare with practice packs tailored to your needs.

Airport Firefighting Training

If you come through the previous stages of the airport fire service recruitment you will be offered a position. Each airport authority has its own specific training with many having specialised training centres that are part of the airport. Ensure you are in good physical condition as airport firefighters have to deal with many varied tasks as well as respond to situations much faster than regular firefighters.

Prepare for Success

Becoming an airport firefighter is a long process often with more than six months of training before you actually get the position. The hours are long but the job is very rewarding knowing you are saving people’s lives. We have gone through the basic outline of the recruitment process and pointed you in the direction of our preparation materials. Good luck with your application.

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