Pass the Test Partnership Aptitude Tests With Accurate Practice Tests, Tips and Guides [2024]

The Test Partnership kit includes thorough preparation for a wide array of TP tests, with many tips and tools created by our experts to make sure you arrive well prepared and ace the test. Keep reading to learn more about our preparation guides for the following tests:

  • Numerical reasoning – TP’s most common test and therefore the largest section of the pack, including 16 tables & graphs practice tests and 3 calculous practice tests. This preparation will improve your ability to analyze numerical information presented in tables and graphs, and enhance the performance of basic calculations.
  • Verbal reasoning – These drills will help you better interpret written information and distinguish between certain deductions and probable inferences so that you will ace the most challenging TP test.
  • Inductive reasoning – “Next in series” practice tests will assist your ability to recognize abstract rules and identify the next diagram in sequence.
  • Critical Thinking – You will understand how to best conceptualize, apply, analyze, and evaluate information to reach a meaningful conclusion. There are four parts to this section: inferences type 1, inferences type 2, deductions, and evaluating arguments.
  • Situational Judgment – You will be asked to assess what would you do in any given scenario, which will provide invaluable insight into the way employers consider your actions when confronted with conflict.
  • Mechanical reasoning – Multiple mechanical-related practice tests covering subjects such as cogwheels, buoyancy, velocity, and more.
  • Personality Profiling – A full Personality test modified by job title (manager, firefighter, pilot, etc.), along with personality theory guides and single-trait practice drills.

With thirty years of experience creating test preparation kits, we have built for you a superb kit that is the product of thorough research and customer feedback.

Combined with up-to-date technology, this prep pack gives you a realistic experience that matches the original test, so that nothing will surprise you when coming across the actual test. 

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Keep reading for a complete overview of TP tests, common employers, and a quick guide that'll give you an insight into the main hardships you will encounter along with useful tips to overcome them. 

Test Partnership Preparation

The TP Tests complete preparation pack includes:

  • Numerical reasoning
  • Verbal reasoning
  • Inductive reasoning
  • Critical Thinking
  • Situational Judgment

Bonus: Personality Profiling and Mechanical Test Preparation!


In this guide, you’ll find:

What Is Test Partnership?

Test Partnership is a psychometric assessment company that filters potential candidates for high-demand positions such as pilots and investment analysts at some of the top-rated companies and organizations worldwide.

Among the major companies and organizations hiring its services are Qatar Airways, Moelis & Company investment bank, Balfour Beatty, London Fire Brigade, and most of the UK fire departments.

Test Partnership tests aren't exactly a walk in the park since they are of a medium-high difficulty level. Some of them are reminiscent of the notorious Watson Glaser test, which is considered to be one of the most challenging tests in the employment market.

However, with on-point preparation, you are sure to improve your chances of succeeding and get a step closer to your dream job.

If you got the email below - you have been summoned to take one of Test Partnership's tests:

Test Partnership Invitation


It's time to move on to some really useful information. We gathered for you the best tips and practices that will help you ace the Tp Test with the highest score possible.

What Are Test Partnership Tests Types?

Test Partnership Insights™ Numerical Reasoning Test

Questions: 15 | Time: 15 minutes

Test Partnership Numerical Reasoning Test is designated to evaluate candidates’ graph reading skills and their ability to logically assess numbers and data.

Each question contains a graph filled with information, and you’ll be asked a couple of calculous questions about the data presented in the graph.

You are allowed to use a calculator and a piece of paper, therefore focus your practice on understanding the questions rather than in the calculation act itself.

The sample question below simulates TP numerical questions in terms of their graph-based nature, their level of difficulty, and the excessive quantity of answer options:

Numerical Reasoning Sample Question:

The absolute increase in investments between 2010-2011 was identical to that between 2009-2010.

Approximately, what was the percentage increase in investments between 2010-2011?

Numerical reasoning graph reading test partnership

 Please choose the correct answer from the options below:











View Explanation

The absolute increase between 2009-2010 was: (140-60) = 80 million.

Therefore, in 2011 total investments were: (140+80) = 220 million.

Now, calculate the % change between 2010 and 2011:


Note: Calculating the total investments in 2011 is redundant in this case, as we already know the size of the increase between 2010 and 2011: 80 million. An increase of 80 million out of the original 140 million in 2010 is an increase of (80/140)*100 = 57%.

Tip: Practice by solving graph problems using statistical elements such as percentages, average, and basic mathematical skills such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division. 


Test Partnership Insights™ Verbal Reasoning Test

Questions: 20 | Time: 15 minutes.

Test Partnership Verbal Reasoning Test is designated to assess your reading comprehension and verbal critical reasoning abilities. Each question will begin with a statement of facts that you are to regard as true.

After each statement of facts, you will find several possible inferences - conclusions that some persons might draw from the stated facts. You are to examine each inference separately and to make a decision as to its degree of truth or falsity.

The degree of truth or falsity in the TP verbal test is rated on a 5-item scale:

• Definitely True
• Probably True
• Insufficient information
• Probably False
• Definitely False

This fetcher makes the Test Partnership Verbal Reasoning Test extremely challenging compared to other Verbal Reasoning Tests.


Verbal Reasoning Sample Question:

One hundred young adults in their 20s and 30s paid to participate in a recent speed dating event at a bar in a big city. At this event, education and occupation were the most commonly discussed topics among the speed daters, because young adults today view these topics as the most important for finding an ideal partner.


Statement #1: When looking for an ideal partner, young adults will always discuss age and hobbies because these are the most important topics to discuss.

Please choose the correct answer based only on the given text.






View Explanation

The correct answer is False.

This inference is definitely false because it is stated in the text that education and occupation are the most important topics to discuss when trying to find an ideal partner.

Therefore, the correct answer is False.

Need more practice?

Test Partnership PrepPack contains accurate, in-depth, and challenging tests that will help you prepare yourself and nail TP Numerical, Verbal or Inductive tests.

Insights™ Inductive Reasoning Test

Questions: 15 | Time: 15 minutes.

Test Partnership Inductive Reasoning Test evaluates your ability to think logically and solve abstract problems. In this test, you’ll be presented with a series of shapes, and you’ll need to predict the next shape in the series from 5 different given options. The shapes series are becoming more complicated as you answer correctly.


More Tests From Test Partnership:

  • Critical Thinking Test - Assess your ability to see into a situation, conceptualize and evaluate given information to reach in-depth insights.
  • Situational Judgment Test (SJTs) – Assesses the candidates’ ability to understand different real-life situations and use fair judgment. You’ll be presented with a scenario alongside several possible ways to handle it. For each of them, you’ll need to determine whether the action is effective or not.
    Personality Tests - Assess your overall characteristics, and see if you’re a good fit for the workplace.
    Mechanical Reasoning Test - Measures your ability to understand mechanical processes and apply technical knowledge to complicated systems. Each question will consist of a technically oriented situation, and you’ll be asked to predict how the specific situation will evolve.
  • Gamified Assessments
  • Microsoft Word + Excel Skills Test (see our MS preparation)

What Are the Best Tips to Help Me Ace the TP Tests?

The three main causes of difficulty on Test Partnership tests are:

1. Time limit - Only 45-60 seconds per question.

2. Answers - An excessive number of options from which to choose the right answer makes the probability of "pulling it off" with an educated guess inconceivably low.

3. Adaptive test - The test's difficulty level increases when you answer correctly and decreases if you're wrong. The harder questions will credit more points for your final score than the easier ones.


How to Overcome the time limit challenge?

  • Read the questions (Numerical) or the statements (Verbal) before reading the text/graph – it will assist you in looking for relevant information in the text and prevent time loss.
  • Take it easy – Remember, in tests like these where the time is against you, rationalization is your best friend. Therefore, make sure you relax prior to the test. A short meditation or breathing exercise can be very beneficial. 


How to choose the right answer?

  • Elimination - If you have read the question carefully but couldn't figure out the correct calculations, the best strategy will be to eliminate options. First, write down on a piece of paper all the possible answers. Then, make a strike-through on the most far-off options. Narrow it down until you have only 2-3 possibilities left. Now choose the most plausible option or else take a guess.
  • Don’t assume anything outside of the text – this is the key to success in the verbal reasoning test. All the information you need to know is in the related paragraph! Therefore, relate only to the given information and not your general knowledge or opinion.
  • Use and memorize the following table (for the verbal test):
test partnership verbal reasoning possible answerss

How to Succeed in an adaptive test?

  • Start strong - The first question in the Test Partnership adaptive tests has an enormous impact on your score. As we explained earlier, adaptive tests adjust the questions' difficulty level to the examinee, based on their performance in the previous questions. Thus, the first question (which will also be of lower difficulty comparatively the upcoming questions) is your chance to collect some big scores.
  • Think positive - Adaptive tests can sound intimidating at first. If you are an over-thinker like myself, you may try to figure out while doing the test whether you got the previous question right based on the difficulty level of the current one, thus losing your thread of thought and some very precious time. Perhaps you won't get the first question right and then lose your hopes for the rest of the test. However, it is crucial to understand that adaptive tests don't benefit only the top achievers, but also the weaker ones. Think about it - on regular assessments, everyone will get the same questions based on the average level. Rather than present to the medium-weak examinee hard questions that they may not be able to solve, adaptive tests present them with slightly easier questions, thus increasing their chances of getting it right and boosting their score.
  • Practice! – It will help you improve your time management and boost your chances to maximize your final grade.

For more Practice and Tips from our Pros Check our Test Partnership PrepPack!

Which Companies are using Tp Tests services?

UK Firefighters

  • UK Firefighters Online Tests are also called FRS Tests (Fire and Rescue Services).
  • To become a firefighter, you might undergo Numerical, Verbal, and sometimes Mechanical Tests, followed by an assessment centre and fitness test. Test Partnership has created designated tests for FRS candidates, including most UK fire departments.
  • Whereas the FRS tests are provided by TP, the FRS tests are distinguished on some levels: 1. their content is firefighting related and 2. instead of multiple answering options there are only three.

Our TP tests PrePack will also prepare you for the FRS tests! 

Why is this good news?

First, having the test content communicating with scenarios you will encounter daily as a firefighter makes preparing for the test very useful, interesting, and perhaps, might I dare say, kind of nice. Furthermore, it'll start to prep you for future work as a firefighter.

Second, the reduction in answering possibilities significantly decreases the test's difficulty level since there are fewer options to mess you up.

Having said that, the questions themselves aren't no-brainers. Keep in mind that firefighting is all about saving lives in real-time crises and problems. Therefore, these assessments are meant to examine your ability to face calculus and comprehension dilemmas under time pressure.

Test Partnership PrepPack contains Numerical, Verbal, and Mechanical practice tests, as well as full guides to help you prepare for the upcoming FRS Tests!

Most UK fire departments use TP Tests, and some use SHL. Below you will find the division of counties by the test provider:

TP: Cheshir | Cumbria | Humberside | Durham & Darlington | Essex | Devon& Somerset | Lincolnshire | East Sussex | Oxfordshire | Dorset & Wittshire | West Yorkshire | Suffolk | Shropshire | Royal Berkshire | LFB – London Fire Brigade | Avon | South Yorkshire

SHL: Cleveland | Bedfordshire | Surrey | Buckinghamshire | Hampshire & Isle of wight | Warwickshire | Herford & Worcester | Lancashire

More companies using Test Partnership tests to filter potential candidates are:

MOELIS & COMPANY (also known as MOELIS & CO) is a leading global investment bank, ranked by PennState University and Vault as the TOP 3 Best Investment Banks to Work for in 2021. Positioning themselves as a “Top Elite Boutique” investment bank, they had significate growth and are known for caring for their worker’s social benefits.
If you consider applying for Moelis & Co Analyst or Associate positions, you’ll likely encounter Test Partnership Numerical Test.

Qatar Airways was rated as the #1 airline of the year in the luxurious SKYTRAX world airline awards 2021. The company also dominates the Business Class various categories and currently seeing tremendous growth, even in times of world pandemic.

Qatar is actively recruiting for either on-board positions such as Pilots and flight attendants, or of-board positions such as marketers and CS.


Balfour Beatty is a leading international infrastructure group based in England. The company is one of the world’s leading fixed rail infrastructure contractors, and it is known for its prestigious apprentices.

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