How to Become a Firefighter: The Firefighter NFQ

Want to know how to become a firefighter? Here we present the next instalment of our how to become a firefighter series. Here we’ll get a deeper understanding of the firefighter personality test, known as the national firefighter questionnaire.

The Basics of the Firefighter Personality Test

  • Number of Questions: 127
  • Time Limit: Unlimited
  • Skills needed: A thorough understanding of the firefighter PQAs and the ability to think along those lines.

Being a firefighter is often a complicated job as you not only have to deal with fires but also have to work as a team and educate others to the dangers of fires. Therefore there are specific national firefighter personal qualities and attributes that you have to demonstrate in order to become a firefighter.

Learn how to become a firefighter: A Sample Question

Let’s examine a firefighter NFQ sample question to give you a better understanding of how you need to perform in this test.


I would be as diligent about mopping a floor as I would be about putting out a fire.

How do you feel about this statement?

  • Strongly agree
  • Agree
  • Neither agree nor disagree
  • Disagree
  • Strongly disagree

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Mastering the firefighter NFQ Questions

If you want to become a firefighter you need to know precisely how to respond to the statements. Taking two of the firefighter PQAs, “commitment to diversity and integrity” and “commitment to excellence” how would you respond to the above statement? Being that you must commit to excellence it suggests that you need to be as diligent about mopping a floor as putting out a fire. If you are committed then this applies to everything that you do. Or does it? The choice is up to you.

Whilst personality tests often tell you to answer the questions without thinking, in actual fact at a workplace you should always be thinking about things. Turning off just isn’t an option.

How to become a firefighter: Knowing how to answer the questions

There are certain personality traits that you must posses in order to become a firefighter but these can be learnt. Our personality training package gives you the full benefit of trained assessors where we clearly demonstrate what you need to know to answer the questions in the best possible way. There is no time limit for the firefighter NFQ so you can take your time to ensure you get the answers correct for the position you are applying to.

Prepare for your Future

We have given you an understanding of the firefighter NFQ so you’ll know how to become a firefighter. We hope you have enjoyed this page and look forward to helping you achieve your goal of becoming a firefighter.