Practice Materials for the Avon Fire and Rescue Written Test

Applying for an Avon fire brigade job? Need help with the recruitment to ensure you are fully prepared for the psychometric and aptitude firefighter written test? You have come to the right place! Here we will show you how to best prepare for Avon fire brigade jobs.

Avon Fire & Rescue Test
  • 5 Working with Numbers preparation tests based on the same scenarios that you will face
  • 3 Understanding Information preparation tests based on the same scenarios that you will face
  • 6 Preparation drill tests
  • 11 Extra Understanding Information preparation tests
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Servicing over one million people, there are approximately 600 Wholetime and 200 Retained firefighters in the Avon fire and rescue service. The recruitment process for all firefighter roles follows the same pattern. However, recruitment only takes place when there is space available. Therefore, when a chance of a Avon fire and rescue job comes up you must grab it with both hands. This is true both for wholetime and retained firefighters. Ensure you are fully prepared for the firefighter written test that you will take with JobTestPrep’s practice materials.

Avon Fire and Rescue Recruitment Process

There are a number of different steps in the Avon fire and rescue recruitment process and you have to do well in each of them to give yourself the best chance of success. They are:

Application Form

You have to complete a detailed application form for an Avon fire and rescue job. This includes sections on your relevant experience, criminal record, references, and other information.

Firefighter Written Tests


If you come through the shortlisting, you are invited to one of the fire stations to undertake the firefighter written tests and the firefighter physical tests. These tests assess your numerical, verbal and thinking skills. The numerical section of the test, called “working with numbers” assesses your ability to make calculations that you often need to make as a firefighter. Similarly, with the other firefighter tests, you will be assessed on skills needed to perform a firefighter's job properly. In all, they take about four hours to complete.

Firefighter Physical Tests

These are a series of challenges to ensure that you have the physical capability to be a firefighter. There are seven tests in this section of the firefighter recruitment and you have to pass all of them.


If you do well enough in the previous stages you will be invited to have an interview with the station manager. The reason for this interview is to find out if you have the ability to get along with the other firefighters in your team. You have to be able to put your life in their hands as much as they have to do the same for you. It is therefore very important to know that you get along well. We have a variety of different packs to help you with your interview from a free pdf guide to a full-blown practice interview with a trained assessor.

How can JobTestPrep help you?

JobTestPrep has earned a reputation of providing high-quality practice materials for psychometric and aptitude testing across many fields. We offer firefighters written test practice packs to give you the best chance of success.