All graduates are expected to pass this inductive reasoning test, so it's a good idea to gain a better understanding of it. For the Vodafone assessment, you will be asked to sit the SHL Verify Inductive Reasoning test. On this test, you will face a line of different figures that can be shapes, arrows, lines, etc. There is an underlying pattern running through the sequence, and you must discover the rule or rules governing them. Using this rule, you must select the missing shape in the sequence. The questions may take the form of a simple row of figures or they may be in a matrix setup. 

Do I Need to Practise for the Vodafone Inductive Reasoning Test?

You may be great at logical thinking and think that this Vodafone online test will be a breeze. Unfortunately, this is very rarely the case. In fact, why would you want to risk your future on the hunch that you can do really well on the test? It would be a shame to throw away your dream job simply because you felt that you were too good to practise.
There is another point to bear in mind too and that is the time you are given to answer each question. There are many people who can successfully complete the test. However, only a very small minority will be able to do so in the allotted time without any preparation. It is therefore essential that you practise before taking the real inductive reasoning test. 

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What's Included

  • 360 logical/inductive reasoning practice questions! 
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  • Other question formats for additional practice 
  • Inductive reasoning video: common patterns introduced 
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