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What's Included

  • 360 logical/inductive reasoning practice questions! 
  • SHL-style next-in-series questions 
  • Other question formats for additional practice 
  • Inductive reasoning video: common patterns introduced 
  • Detailed explanations | Solving tips | Score reports 
  • Immediate online access | 24/7 practice


Get tailored practice for your Vodafone Inductive Reasoning Test with JobTestPrep's online practice resources. Gain exclusive access to practice tests, score reports, and detailed answer explanations and get the preparation you need to secure a job with Vodafone.

Vodafone Inductive Reasoning Test

When applying to Vodafone, you may be asked to sit their Verify Inductive Reasoning Test, provided by CEB SHL. On this test, you will face a series of different figures comprising shapes, arrows, lines, and other patterns. You will be tasked with predicting the rule that will determine the next figure in the series.



Tailored Practice Tests for You

Get practice tests that follow the content of Vodafone's inductive reasoning test. Our practice pack provides a holistic preparation journey, with full-length online tests, explanations, score reports, and tutorials. Start practising today and increase your chances of landing your dream job. 


Come Prepared with JobTestPrep

We have been creating practice materials for every type of prospective employee since 1992, helping thousands of applicants get the jobs they want. We pride ourselves on crafting job-specific products that are not generic in order to give you the best possible practice solution. We look forward to helping you too!

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