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  • 2 full-length Profiling for Success-style aptitude practice tests
  • 1 extra Profiling for Success-style abstract reasoning practice test
  • 1 extra Profiling for Success-style numerical reasoning practice test
  • 1 extra Profiling for Success-style verbal reasoning practice test
  • 10 video tutorials and study guides
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Do you have an upcoming profiling for success (PfS) test and really want to demonstrate you have the skills needed to succeed? Our PfS Test PrepPack™ is designed to give you the skills necessary to excel on your assessment.

What Different Profiling for Success Tests Are There?

This test contains three different sections which each focus on a different area of knowledge. They are known as the V.N.A., or, more simply, Verbal, Numerical, and Abstract reasoning. The entire test has three sets of 16 questions, making 48 in total.

Each section has a different time limit to it, which is very restrictive. You, therefore, need to be fully prepared and on your toes throughout the entire test. We will go through each of the sections below. In short, the sections are:

  • Verbal – assesses your ability to understand written information
  • Numerical – measures your ability to use numerical information to solve problems
  • Abstract – tests your ability to identify patterns in shapes and draw a conclusion

Profiling for Success Verbal Test

In the verbal section, you must answer questions based on different texts. These texts have between 50–100 words and are not too difficult to comprehend. They are generally based on topical and not technical pieces. There are four questions you must answer for each of the texts. These questions are in a true, false, cannot say format, which means you will be presented with a statement concerning the passage and must decide if the statement is true, false, or impossible to tell based on the text.

It is very important to bear in mind that when answering these questions, you must select the option that is correct only in light of the actual text. For example, the passage is talking about seatbelts in cars and the fact that they are thought to improve the wellbeing of the passengers in the car. You are then presented with the following statement: 'According to the passage, wearing a seatbelt improves safety'. You must select whether this statement is true or false according to the text. In this situation, you may know that wearing seatbelts improves safety. However, according to the text, you don’t actually know whether the statement is true. Thus, in this case, the correct answer is 'cannot say'.

A further difficulty in this test is the time limit. You only have about 25 seconds per question. This means that you not only have to answer the questions quickly, but you need to think quickly too. While this may seem impossible at first, with practice, your speed will increase quickly.

Therefore, it is imperative you get our Profiling for Success test practice pack. It is guaranteed to help you become acquainted with the test. This pack was designed to provide you with both the skills and understanding needed to do well on the test.

Profiling for Success Numerical Test

This PfS numerical test is similar in setup to the verbal test, in that you must answer multiple questions based on one source. In this test, you are presented with a table of information which you must use to answer the questions. There are five different answer options, and you must use your numerical skills to select the correct answer. This Profiling for Success test has 16 questions in it, and you have seven minutes to complete it.

You may use a calculator on this test, and there is one on the screen that you can use. However, it is worth bearing in mind that since there is such a short amount of time to answer the questions, you should try to do the working out in your head. With practice, you will increase your speed and be able to do the calculations quickly. 

Profiling for Success Abstract Test

In this PfS test section, you are presented with two sets of shapes. Each separate set of shapes is similar to one another. There is a separate shape in the middle of the two sets, and it is your task to decide where that shape belongs. There are three options, either set A, set B, or neither. You have four minutes to complete this section of the test and there are 16 questions in total. Again, speed is key, and without the proper preparation, it is almost impossible to pass this test. There is simply not enough time to do so if you are not already familiar with the concepts.

As in the other sections of the PfS tests, there is the same style here as well. There are four questions per each data set. Preparation is key to overcoming this test, and that is why extra practice tests are included in the pack.

What Skills Do You Need to Pass the PfS Tests?

There are a number of important skills you need to pass the PfS tests. Each skill you possess offers you a better chance of success. In your pack, you will find videos and tutorials that provide you very important tips and ideas that you can implement when you take the tests for real. As well as this, it is worthwhile to repeat that taking the practice tests is absolutely crucial.

We have done our best to ensure that the practice tests in this pack are as close as possible to the real thing, thus offering you the best chance of success. In addition to the actual PfS practice tests, there are a number of other relevant tests and drills that will help you increase your skills. By taking full advantage of the pack, you will gain both the skills needed to pass the tests as well as the confidence needed to really shine.

In the pack, you will find everything you need to succeed when you take the actual exam. Get the pack, take our PfS preparation tests, learn the skills, and succeed. We can't wait to have you on board.

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