Learn What the Thomas Skills Online Assessment Is All about and How to Prepare for It

The Skills testing assessment is part of the Thomas International aptitude testing battery. Read below to find out what types of tests are included and review the practice materials we offer.

Thomas Skills

The Thomas Skills online assessment is a group of many different tests and evaluations. It is used to assess your knowledge in your job field and special skills related to it. From call centres and secretarial skills to accountancy and IT, the Thomas Skills tests cover almost any work competency there is. We will focus on the more general numerical and verbal aptitude tests.

Thomas Numerical Tests

The Thomas Skills assessment includes several different numerical tests:

Numeracy test

This test is 5 minutes long and measures very basic mathematical abilities. Check out our numeracy skills practice pack and brush up your basic numeracy skills.

Numeric test

The numeric test measures how quickly you work in addition to your mathematical skills. There are two versions for this test: one has multiple choice questions, whereas the other is in a fill-in-the-blanks format. Each version is 5 minutes long.

JobTestPrep's numeracy skills pack can help you prepare for this test as well, as you will have to be very sure of your work in order to be quick and avoid making silly mistakes.

Numeric reasoning test

This is the most difficult of the Thomas numerical tests. Each question refers to numerical data presented in charts and tables. Your task is to answer the questions according to the information provided. This will require correct interpretation and analysis of the data as well as more advanced logical thinking. The test has a 10-minutes long short version and a 60-minutes long version.

Use one of our numerical reasoning practice packs to work on your numerical interpretation and analysis skills to make it easier when you sit the real test.

Thomas Verbal Tests

The Thomas International Skills assessment includes three very different verbal tests:

Literacy skills test

This short test contains basic spelling and grammar questions as well as more advanced verbal reasoning questions. It is 5 minutes long.

Clerical test

This is a simpler test focusing on more basic literacy skills. Your task is to pick the odd word out of a group of words that have something in common. Your speed is measured in this test just as well as your accuracy. The questions are in a multiple choice format and the test is 5 minutes long overall.

Synonyms test

In this test you need to pick the correct meaning of a word out of a number of options. The questions are in a multiple choice format and the test is 5 minutes long overall.

JobTestPrep offers a full verbal reasoning practice pack covering synonyms, odd-one-out and typical reasoning questions which can help you understand the principles underlying verbal reasoning tests and practice their application.

Thomas Aptitude Test

This is a more general test including both literacy and numeracy sections, as well as a visual comparisons section. The questions are in a fill-in-the-blanks format and the test is 15 minutes long in total.

Let Us Help You

Just like with any other test, preparing in advance will help enhance your confidence and your ability. This should significantly improve your score and increase the chances of getting the job you are after.

As we have mentioned above, JobTestPrep offers professional practice packs for numeracy skills, numerical reasoning, and verbal reasoning tests. Each pack includes detailed study guides and video tutorials accompanying hundreds of questions with full explanations and solving tips. Use our professional practice materials to prepare for the Thomas International verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning and numeracy tests.