SSE Apprenticeship Programme 2023: Online Tests and Interview Preparation

Applying for the SSE Apprenticeship Programme? JobTestPrep has created a custom-made preparation pack to help you successfully pass your online SHL tests for SSE as well as the subsequent interview. The pack contains study aids and hundreds of practice questions on various topics: mechanics and electricity, maths, verbal, and more.

SSE Apprenticeships
  • 2 BMCT-II-style practice tests
  • 6 Management SJT's
  • 5 Graduate SJT's
  • 21 mechanical aptitude drills
  • 20 study guides & video tutorials

This PrepPack™ includes BMCT-II-style practice tests (following the new version of the test), SJT's, drills, tutorials and guides.

About SSE

SSE, formerly known as Scottish and Southern Energy plc, is an energy company headquartered in Scotland and operating in Ireland & the United Kingdom. It is involved in the generation and supply of electricity and gas, as well as the operation of gas and telecoms networks.

It also provides other energy-related services, such as gas storage, E&P, contracting, connections and metering. SSE is considered one of the big six companies that dominate the energy market in the U.K., which makes it a great place to start your career.

SSE Apprenticeships

SSE offers apprenticeships in three major areas: power distribution, contracting and generation. Most of the apprenticeships take four years to complete. Once you complete an apprenticeship, you will be able to start working in the job for which you were trained.

The SSE apprenticeship programme offers you the opportunity to gain new skills and qualifications. In addition, the majority of apprentices attend college on a block release arrangement, which helps them progress more quickly and gives them valuable support.

SSE Apprenticeship Recruitment

The recruitment process for the programme involves completing an online application. If you are qualified, you will be asked to complete several online tests provided by BMCT. The exact types of tests may vary according to the programme to which you are applying. 

If you pass the online tests, SSE will ask you to complete a practical assessment and invite you to an interview. It is therefore very important to prepare for the online tests. Only by practising for these tests and successfully passing them will you be able to continue on to the next stages of the recruitment process.


Prepare for the SSE Tests

This PrepPack™ provides practice materials and study aids to prepare you for SSE’s assessments. The pack includes study guides, video tutorials and BMCT-style practice drills covering a wide range of topics. These include mechanical reasoning and electricity, fault finding (identifying faults in a system of operators and switches), math, verbal and spatial. Another test that can help you is the deductive reasoning.

The pack also features a detailed guide with important insights and tips for successfully passing interviews.


Before entering the whole process at SSE, keep in mind that getting properly ready is highly recommended, because the exams are usually time-limited and there are other serious challenges during the process. The test simulations, guides and other materials can help you by increasing your level and confidence.