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ScottishPower’s Graduate Scheme is a two-year programme for top students and can be a great start to your career. Getting a place on the scheme is tough as the application process requires you to complete a number of aptitude tests, interviews and exercises successfully. This article outlines each assessment and how you can prepare with the help of our materials.

The ScottishPower Aptitude Tests

This stage of the application process consists of three aptitude tests from CEB’s SHL. The tests include verbal, numerical and inductive reasoning. The tests are timed, with 15-20 minutes to answer 20 questions, so moving quickly through the questions is vital.

Verbal Reasoning Test

In the verbal reasoning test, you are given several short texts to read on various topics. Following each text, there are a series of questions, each presenting a statement which you need to determine as true, false or you cannot say based on the text.

Numerical Reasoning Test

The numerical reasoning test requires you to understand numerical data presented in graphs and tables to answer the questions that follow accordingly. The questions can also require calculations using basic maths functions to correctly answer the question.

Inductive Reasoning Test

The inductive reasoning test, also known as logical reasoning, examines your ability to recognise a certain relationship between a series of shapes and determine the next shape in the pattern.

ScottishPower’s Situational Judgement Test

This SJT, or situational judgment test, is a Talent Simulation Test, which slightly differs from the standard SJT format. It is similar to a videogame, as you are presented with avatars of colleagues and co-workers in a specific predicament. You need to tackle the issue at hand by choosing a course of action and deal with the consequences of your choices. Preparing beforehand to showcase your workplace persona with the offered SJT pack will greatly improve your score.

ScottishPower’s Telephone Interview

After you successfully pass the aptitude tests and SJT, you will be put forward for a telephone interview. This competency-based interview is approximately 25 minutes long and is conducted by a third-party assessment company. Due to this, you may not have an opportunity to inquire about the role itself at this stage.

The interview itself is straightforward and involves speaking briefly about your past work experience, education and so forth, as well as competency-based questions and questions about ScottishPower.

It’s very important that you prepare yourself ahead of the interview to improve your skills and to learn how to avoid the common pitfalls that result in many candidates’ failure. Learn how JobTestPrep can help you with this by exploring this free interview guide.

Telephone Interview Sample Questions

Here are some sample competency-based questions:

  • Describe a time when you worked as part of a team and helped complete a task.
  • Give an example of a situation where you had to change your approach mid-task as a result of a change in information.
  • What tools and resources did you use to research ScottishPower?

Here are some sample questions about Scottish Power:

  • Who are ScottishPower?
  • Why work for ScottishPower?
  • Why work in the energy industry in particular?

Hints and Tips

  • Do not come unprepared. A phone interview should be treated exactly as you would treat a face-to-face interview in every aspect.
  • Know all about ScottishPower – know the company’s vision, values and work ethic.
  • Think about the career path you would like to follow.
  • Ensure you’re somewhere quiet where you can talk unrestrained and be heard clearly.
  • Check the press for relevant articles about ScottishPower in particular and the energy sector in general.

Tailor your answers to the interviewer’s questions and remember to put an emphasis on traits and past experiences which resonate with ScottishPower’s values.

ScottishPower’s Assessment Centre

ScottishPower’s assessment centre is held at one of their training facilities and is a full-day event. The assessment centre is the final stop on your path to obtaining a position in the graduate scheme. It is also an excellent opportunity for you to really get to know ScottishPower and your potential future co-workers among other things, so show your interest in the company by asking questions. The company will let you know if you need to prepare anything in advance. The assessment centre consists of a case study, a presentation, an interview and a group exercise:

Case Study

The first part of the assessment centre is the case study and it relies on your analytical skills, problem-solving abilities and leadership qualities. Your objective in this task is to write a report about a subject relating to the company. For example, you may be given a situation where you must reach a conclusion regarding vacation allowance in the benefits package. You have to choose whether or not you should integrate this initiative in your company’s policy, explain your reasons and discuss how the company will be affected by this. You also need to come up with reasonable solutions to the challenges your decision will bring for the company.

You have 75 minutes to analyse the data you receive and write the actual report. Frightened you’ll make the wrong call? JobTestPrep is with you every step of the way with our Case Study preparation pack.


During this part, you need to present the report you came up with in the previous stage. You have 15 minutes to prepare the presentation itself and it has to last five minutes. You then present your final product to two people from different divisions within ScottishPower who then proceed to ask you questions about your decisions for about 15-20 minutes. These questions are likely to explore everything you’ve talked about and are directly linked to ScottishPower’s values. Hence, it’s wise to thoroughly research the company beforehand so that you’ll know to make connections between your work and the company’s vision. For help in constructing a solid and comprehensive presentation, please see how we can help.


The assessment centre interview is conducted by two interviewers. This interview is roughly an hour long and is largely competency-based, although you may also come to face some technical questions about your scheme topic and general questions about ScottishPower in general. For example, if you are a graduate programmer scheme interviewee you may be asked to provide a detailed explanation of the process of power generation and describe a time where he had to show initiative.

Interviews can stressful and being nervous can consequently harm your chances at passing the interview. JobTestPrep is here to help you prepare with our interview preparation materials.

Group Exercise

The final assessment day exercise is the group task. This exercise lasts for about an hour and requires you to discuss a given subject matter relating to the ScottishPower’s business ventures as part of a group and reach a unified decision. Note that the assessors aren’t necessarily looking to see if you’ve reached a plausible conclusion, but rather see how much of a team player you are. With this in mind, you must actively participate in this task and have an input in the final product in order to pass the assessment. Staying too quiet or overpowering your team is not a good idea.

In general, you have to demonstrate good team-working skills, flexibility, creativity, problem-solving capabilities and leadership in group exercises. Want more strategies to pass the group activity? Check out our group exercise tips for help.

Prepare for Success

ScottishPower’s recruitment process is highly competitive and challenging. It is designed to make sure that only the very best are offered a prestigious position in their graduate scheme. Preparing beforehand will greatly pay-off later in the application process and save you a lot of time and peace of mind.


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