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About ScottishPower’s Engineering Foundation

ScottishPower’s Engineering Foundation programme combines university studies and technical training, giving you professional knowledge and skills when you complete your degree. Getting onto the programme can be a challenge in itself as there are hundreds of candidates each year. Therefore, being fully prepared for all stages of the recruitment process beforehand, including the testing and interview stages, is highly recommended. We outline how you can prepare for this below.

The ScottishPower Dependability and Safety Questionnaire

Once you have submitted your application, you will be sent a dependability and safety questionnaire, or DSI. The questions are intended to give further insight into your character and work ethic than the questions on the application. The DSI is short, lasting up to ten minutes in which you a represented with several pairs of statements. You must choose the statement that best describes how you would react in a work situation. Many of these questions are based on the company’s core values so make sure to review them beforehand. To understand this test further and gain useful hints and tips through preparation, see our situational judgment practice pack.

ScottishPower’s Online Occupational Ability Tests

If your application and DSI meet the requirements, you will next be asked to complete a set of occupational ability tests. These tests are part of CEB SHL’s Technical Test Battery and comprise of numerical reasoning, technical understanding and mechanical comprehension.

Numerical Reasoning Test

There are two aspects to the ScottishPower numerical reasoning section: numerical computation and numerical reasoning.

  • Numerical computation involves basic functions along with quick and accurate calculations. It is a 10-minute test with 36 questions.
  • Numerical reasoning is slightly more difficult, often presenting numerical data through graphs and tables which you need to understand in order to answer questions. This section has 25 questions to be answered in 12 minutes.

Technical Understanding Test

The technical portion of the online tests is made up of four major sections: spatial reasoning, fault diagnosis, visual estimation and mechanical comprehension. Each test has a time limit, meaning you need to work quickly and accurately.

  • Spatial Reasoning - This is a 10-minute test with 36 questions to complete. In it, you need to recognise shapes in two dimensions.
  • Fault Diagnosis - In this an 18-minute test, you have 36 questions to answer which require you to identify faults in logical systems.
  • Visual Estimation - This is a measure of your visual perception and how well you can make visual comparisons. The test is 10 minutes in length with 36 questions.
  • Mechanical Comprehension - An assessment of your understanding of mechanical principles and how well you can apply them to various mechanical devices. This test is 18 minutes with 36 questions to complete.

ScottishPower Interview

The third and final phase in the recruitment process is an interview done in person. This interview relies on competency-based questions to determine whether you have what it takes to become an integral part of the company. Make sure to review the core competencies and have an example on hand of when you have exhibited the necessary skills and abilities. Our interview preparation tools can help you iron out any wrinkles in your answers and boost your confidence before the big day.

Prepare for Success

Although the Engineering Foundation Programme’s recruitment process is relatively short, it is a challenging one. You are tested both for your knowledge and skills and your personality and the values you bring to the table. Practising beforehand is the key to success, and JobTestPrep is here to help.

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