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What's Included

  • Over 100 numerical comprehension practice questions
  • More than 250 additional numerical questions, reviewing basic topics: 
    Currency conversions, percentages, estimations and more!
  • 11 Numerical Video tutorials (percentages, ratios and numerical tips, among others)
  • 4 Numerical Study Guides!
  • Comprehensive explanations, scores and solving tips
  • Secured payment


Saville numerical comprehension tests are targeted at service apprentices, operational, commercial, customer & administrative staff. The tests check basic and moderate interpretation abilities of numerical data. That is, executing basic math operations with the use of a calculator and extracting relevant information from graphs and tables.

Candidates will likely meet one or both of the following versions of these tests:

Swift numerical comprehension: Sent via email to candidates, a short version that contains 8-10 questions, based on 2-3 data sets which lasts 4-5 minutes. It will usually be administered together with verbal and error checking tests (known as the Swift Comprehension Aptitude).

Single numerical comprehension aptitude: A full-length version including 32 questions to be completed within 16 minutes.

How can JobTestPrep help?

JTP's team of test writers have created a tailored practice pack that follows the principals and characteristics of Saville numerical comprehension tests. With the above practice pack you get a chance to simulate similar numerical concepts and data sets that relate to daily business life, all delivered through a friendly online practice environment that provides explanations, solving tips and scores.

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JobTestPrep is not a part of the Saville Consulting and is not related to it in any way. JobTestPrep offers preparation services for psychometric tests.

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