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Error checking tests are typically aimed at administrative and entry level staff, but are an effective predictor of job performance across all levels. These tests evaluate a candidate's ability to identify verbal, numerical and systems errors within sets of data.

Saville's error checking test contains sets of original tables, providing relevant workplace information and transposed information containing errors. The candidate is required to identify those errors using the following directions:

Fill in A if the entire item is correct
Fill in B if there is an error in the first column
Fill in C if there is an error in the second column
Fill in D if there is an error in the third column
Fill in E if there is an error in the fourth column

For columns marked with an asterisk (*) you have to check whether the coding key below the Original information has been applied correctly.
Each set contains 8 questions and you will have 1.5 minutes to complete it.  Number of sets vary between different Saville products:

You will be given a score reflecting both your accuracy (”aptitude score”) and your speed (”pace score”). So, make sure that you answer quickly while maintaining precision.

Want to start practicing? Our error checking pack includes error checking tests that follow the exact same Saville format as well as dosens of additional practice questions.

What's Included

  • 13 Error Checking tests
  • With answers and score reports
  • Over 100 practice questions
  • Secured payment
  • Immediate online access, practice 24/7 
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