Get Ramsay MultiCrafTest Preparation

Welcome to the Ramsay MultiCrafTest PrepPack™. Inside the package, you will find MultiCrafTest, personality tests and interview preparation materials to help you with your upcoming entrance exam. Get your foot in the door and win over your future upper-management team today!

Ramsay MultiCrafTest Prep
  • 2 Full-Length Ramsay Institute-Style MultiCrafTest Practice Tests
  • 4 additional topic-specific practice tests for the MecTest and MultiCrafTest
  • 5 study guides
  • Interview Preparation
  • 53 Personality Tests



Within the MultiCrafTest PrepPack™ you will find 2 complete Ramsay MultiCrafTest, an interview preparation pack filled with a PDF interview guide, video tutorial, top interview questions and a preparation pack. We have also included 53 separate interview tests that cover topics such as your level of self-confidence, how well you are at being a team player, your thoroughness plus more.

For a better look at the Ramsay Maintenance Test, check out the following video:


The MultiCrafTest Breakdown

Some people ask, "What exactly is the MultiCrafTest PrepPack™? What does it involve?" The MultiCrafTest is a 60 question test that is for journey-level mechanical and electrical maintenance personnel. It will test your knowledge in several areas of the trade. You can begin to practice this and other versions of the Ramsay exam through us at JobTestPrep.