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The Different Sections of The Prison Officer Selection Test

The prison officer selection test is a combination of five tests:

Test Time limit (minutes) Number of questions
POST Numerical Reasoning Test 40 59
Reading Comprehension and Completing a Standard Form Section 1.1 20 27
Reading Comprehension and Completing a Standard Form Section 1.2 10 8
Checking Information and the Application of Standard Rules Section 2.1 15 18
Checking Information and the Application of Standard Rules Section 2.2 15 5

What is this POST Test?

This prison officer selection test is similar to verbal reasoning tests. For both of these tests you are given a passage of information to read concerning a prisoner. You have to answer questions that are based on the passage. There are often more than 10 different options and you have to select the correct one.

POST Test Section 1.1

In this test you have 20 minutes to answer 27 questions. You are given a long passage to read through (approximately 750 words) and answer questions. There are normally six different options available to select from.

POST Test Section 1.2

In this POST test you have to complete a review of sorts about a prisoner. The texts in this test are significantly shorter (approximately 250 words) than the texts mentioned previously, and the questions are different to section 1.1. Whereas the first test focused on your basic verbal skills and ability to find relevant information, this test is more analytical, asking you to use your reasoning skills to answer the questions when completing a standard form.

Answering the Prison Officer Test Questions

In both sections of this POST test you do not have a lot of time to complete the tests so you need to work fast. However, you don’t want to make mistakes and fail simply because you didn’t have enough time. You have to find select details from the passage to answer the questions, such as telephone numbers, names and addresses. One important thing to bear in mind is that although there are many different questions, there is only one passage per test. Therefore you can take some time reading through the text and trying to remember as much information as possible. This doesn’t mean that you have to memorise the phone numbers, but rather know where to look in the passage to find the correct answer. Furthermore, you have the option to highlight the text so you may use it to your advantage. Select the text and then it compare it to the different answer options.

You also have to use some of your thinking skills to pass these POST tests. Although for the first test, 1.1, the main difficulty is finding the information and ensuring the answer option is the same as stated in the text, the second test, 1.2, requires you to analyse the text and work out whether the statement is true or false.

How can we help you?

At JobTestPrep we have created a POST test preparation package containing practice tests and other materials. These will give you the skills and understanding so that when you come to take the tests for real you will do so with confidence. We hope you have enjoyed this article and look forward to having you on board.

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