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What You'll Get

  • 2 Saville Swift comprehension-style verbal, numerical and error checking tests
  • 180 numerical comprehension
  • 80 verbal comprehension
  • 60 error checking
  • 180 additional numerical questions, reviewing basic topics
  • Comprehensive explanations, scores, solving tips, videos
  • Following swift and single aptitude formats 


The Novo Nordisk graduate program consists of four different paths: 

  • Supply Chain
  • Finance
  • Business Management & Marketing
  • R&D

Within each of these paths are different areas of specialty. Each of these paths can lead to a very rewarding career, but are also highly competitive. Each program involves a training period of a different duration and has its own recruitment intake. However, in general the process is the same for all.The first part of the Novo Nordisk graduate program recruitment process is the online application form. You should structure the application to show how motivated you are for the role. You should also include the grades you received for your university modules. 


Ensure Your Success on the Novo Nordisk Saville Tests

The questions on the Saville can be confusing to the untrained eye, so practising is crucial for success. Moreover, the Saville is particularly challenging because it only allots a short amount of time for each question. Therefore, becoming comfortable with the test material prior to the evaluation is necessary to reduce anxiety and pass the test.



Novo Nordisk Graduate Scheme Saville-Style Verbal Comprehension Test

Short passages taken from manuals, newspapers and magazines are followed by questions in the style of:

  • Which one of the following would best replace the word __ while maintaining the meaning of the passage?
  • Which one of the following is not mentioned in the passage as....

The short online version will include 8 questions to solve in 4 minutes. The long, supervised version (taken at the assessment centre as a verification step) will last 16 minutes and will include 32 questions.

Novo Nordisk Graduate Scheme Saville-Style Numerical Comprehension Test

Tables and charts including numerical data will be displayed and questions will demand basic arithmetic operations (multiplication, subtraction, division and addition) together with percentage and ratio calculations. Calculators are allowed.

Novo Nordisk Graduate Scheme Saville-Style Error Checking Test

In these tests, your speed and accuracy skills are in the spotlight. You need to decide whether two columns or rows of numbers and letters contain errors or not.

The short online version includes 8 questions in 1.5 minutes. the long supervised version is 6 minutes long and includes 32 question items.

In summary, the swift comprehension test is 8.5 minutes long and includes 24 questions.

Novo Nordisk Graduate Scheme Telephone Interview

If your application is shortlisted, you will be invited to take part in the Novo Nordisk telephone interview.The telephone interview can be quite challenging because you are unable to ‘read’ the interviewer’s reactions to your comments, thereby making it difficult to gauge how you may have performed.

Novo Nordisk Graduate Scheme Assessment Center

If you successfully proceed through the telephone interview, you will be asked to attend the Novo Nordisk Graduate recruitment centre, which is the same as an assessment center.The Novo Nordisk Assessment Center will be a fully packed, two day course. You will take part in activities that include group exercises, a presentation, case-studies and interviews. Throughout the two day period you will be assessed on:

  • Personal fit to Novo Nordisk
  • People skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Teamwork skills
  • Your motivation
  • Analytical and critical thinking skills

For each activity at the Assessment center, JobTestPrep can provide you with guidance and practice. 

Graduate Scheme Group Exercises

You will take part in some group exercises in which you will be required to solve problematic scenarios with your group.

Graduate Scheme Presentation

You assessors will provide you with information which you will need to analyse, prepare, and then present

Graduate Scheme Case Study

This exercise will require you to study a real scenario. Typical case study examples will usually be situations that occurred in the company in previous years. You will be required to present your solutions to the assessors and hopefully you may reach a similar solution to what the Novo Nordisk team came up with. Prepare for your test with our case study preparation pack.

Graduate Scheme Interviews

The final interview will focus on your overall personality together with some more technical based questions about your chosen career path.The Novo Nordisk Assessment Center is pretty intense so make sure you are well rested beforehand. If you are successful, you will be notified after a few days.


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