About North Wales Police

North Wales police officers protect and secure the safety of their citizens. Over the past few years, the UK has restructured police recruitment throughout the country based on the recruitment process developed by the College of Policing. Many forces have opted to use this process, but some forces still use their own. Learn about the hiring process and how to prepare, as well as the common roles police forces recruit for using the College of Policing method. North Wales police force uses the College of Policing as the professional body for everyone who works for the police service.

North Wales Police Jobs

There are a few types of positions you may come across when applying to be an officer in North Wales.

The hiring process for each of these positions is different.

North Wales Police Preparation with JobTestPrep

Knowing what to expect when applying to become an officer in North Wales can help you better your chances of joining the police forces. Learn more about each position to help you maximise your chances of getting the job.