Preparation for the Munich Re Interview and Hiring Process

If you wish to acquaint yourself with the Munich Re online test process and obtain the tools you need to improve for the upcoming pre-employment exams, our unique Munich Re PrepPack™ has got you covered: matrices and personality tests, guides and other tools, with which you can gain the practical knowledge you need to excel.

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Free Munich Re Online Assessment Practice Test – Amp Your Performance With Sample Question [2023]

Munich Re Assessment - Matrix Question

Question #1:

Talent Q Elemets Logical

Identify the missing symbol: 

Answer #1:

The best way to start answering questions of this type is to quickly scan the matrix. If you have keen intuition, or if you have practised turning your attention to the kind of details the test-makers like to use, something will likely "pop up". In this case, you might notice the cells on the right and left have two identical outer symbols, which encase a second, single symbol. You might also notice, for example, that the outer symbols of the right cell in each row are the same as the rightmost symbol in the middle cell. Or, that the middle symbol is always unique for that row.

After noticing a pattern, it's helpful to formulate it as a rule in your head:

In each row, the symbols in the middle cell are a combination of the symbols from the left and right (i.e. outer) cells so that:

The left symbol in the middle cell is identical to the outer symbols in the left cell.

The right symbol in the middle cell is identical to the outer symbols in the right cell.

The middle symbol in all three cells is different from all the other symbols in the row.

The correct answer is C

Each question on the matrices test is timed, which may put candidates under a time crunch and affect their clarity of thought. Remember, answering before the allotted time is up won't give you more time on the next question because each one is timed separately. The wisest strategy, therefore, is to make full use of the time given for each question. Don't hasten to reach a decision.

Try to consider not only the symbols within each cell but also their permutation. This is often the key to answering.

This test, supplied by Korn-Ferry and based on the Raven's Progressive Matrices Test, is designed to assess your logical and analytical skill. The test has 12 questions to answer in 15 minutes (75 seconds per question).

Prior practice can help boost your performance by teaching you what kind of patterns you can expect to see. You can use JobTesPrep's Munich Re Preparation pack to familiarise yourself with the assessment.

Munich Re Assessment - In-Tray Exercise

For the purpose of this exercise, you are Jeremy Ingles, Human Resource Manager in BETA Computers Ltd. It is 7:30 AM, Tuesday morning, the 24th of February. You have just returned to the office after a two-week absence (business trip) and you are leaving on the 26th of February for a two-week holiday.

Your mailbox has a list of emails that have been sent to you over the course of the last two weeks. You have a managers’ meeting with the CEO in one hour’s time, in the meantime, you must review all your emails and decide which course of action to take.


Question #2:

in tray exercise

After determining the importance of the document, please choose from the following options the best way to deal with the issue at hand.

There is no need to respond to the letter since the subject is due to be discussed in the meeting with the CEO in an hour.

Call Ms. Henrietta Johnson, VP, to confirm Mr. Holmes' letter and take action.

Inform Mr. Holmes that Mr, John Dougherty is taking care of the issue and that he should address it to him.

Call Mr. Holmes and inform him that the subject will be discussed in today's meeting with the CEO.

Answer #2

Since one of the topics on today's meeting agenda is the recruitment of the 15 new staff members and since Mr Holmes is planned to attend the meeting - then the logical thing to do is discuss the issue in the scheduled meeting. Naturally, you must respond to his letter regardless.

The correct answer, therefore, is: Call Mr. Holmes and inform him that the subject will be discussed in today's meeting with the CEO.

Tip: Real in-tray exercises require you to make decisions based on more than just one email. You'll need to read a number of documents reflecting schedules, messages, and memos. To do this successfully, it helps to read actively - paying extra attention to deadlines and due dates as well as any statement denoting the urgency of tasks. 

In-tray exercises are a type of job simulation. At their core, their purpose is to evaluate your ability to prioritise tasks. pay attention to small detail, and manage your time in an aroganised and uncluttered  fashion.

This is done by simulating a work envioronemt and asking you to take the role of a ficticious emplyee. 

In-tray exercises can be confusing and stressful, but practice can be very effective in reducing the anxiery associated with having to gove a performance to your recruiters. Our Munich Re Preparation task contains maticulously recreated in-tray exercises that look and feel just like the real thing. 

 Munich Re Hiring Process - A Guide

Munich Re Recruitment Process

Munich Re is one of the world’s leading reinsurers, aiming to develop sustainable reinsurance solutions. Consisting of approximately 45,000 employees, they operate around the world and are seeking motivated employees to join their team. Munich Re also offers a summer internship programme, as well as a graduate scheme.

The Munich Re hiring process is listed below:

  • Application: To apply for one of the Munich Re job vacancies, simply search for the position you are interested in through their website. In most cases, an online application is preferred and must include a cover letter, curriculum vitae, as well as other related attachments.
  • Telephone Interview: If the HR recruiter decides that your work experience is suitable, you may be telephoned for a brief screening interview.
  • In-Person Interview: You may go through one or more face-to-face interviews which are often conducted by managers in an official setting. The assessment centre day is also part of this process, as it entails various group discussions, presentations, case studies and role-playing drills.
  • Test: You may be expected to complete certain aptitude tests to assist employers in determining which candidates are the correct fit for the position.

Munich Re Aptitude Test Stage

Taking psychometric tests, such as the verbal, numerical and logical reasoning exams, is important for employers to sufficiently assess applicants’ cognitive capacities and skills. The numerical test evaluates one’s ability to analyse data and understand fractions. The verbal reasoning exam measures candidates’ understanding of written passages and the logical reasoning exam gauges applicants’ decision-making abilities.

Additionally, the situational judgment (SJT) and personality tests describe likely scenarios which may occur in the workplace. Employers use candidates’ answers to judge how competent they will be in the future. There are no right or wrong answers for these exams. However, test-takers’ scores are compared to determine which candidate is the best fit for the role.


Ace the Munich Re Test

Keep in mind that the tests are usually limited in time, hence require thorough studying beforehand. For that, you can order this product here & now - and gain access to various, helpful resources. Prepare for Your Upcoming Munich Re Aptitude Test Today, in order to ensure your success in the real exams tomorrow.

Munich Re Interview Questions

The interview stage may contain technical questions that vary based on the position you are applying for. Discussing your relevant skills and the way you handle past challenges is helpful when trying to create a positive personality profile for yourself. Example interview questions may include:

  • What is your biggest weakness?
  • Describe a time when you were put in a leadership position and failed and what you gained from it.
  • What are your skills?
  • Tell us about a big achievement that you had in your last job?


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