Metropolitan Police Special Constable Written Test and Interview Preparation

The recruitment process for Metropolitan Special Constables, is a difficult process that can take six months to navigate. Special Constables are volunteers with the similar powers to regular Police Officers, and as such the Metropolitan Police selection process reflects the need for high quality candidates. This article will guide you through this process, and includes information about the resources available to help you prepare for each stage.
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The Met Police selection process for special constables has been designed by the Metropolitan Police enabling them to choose the best special constables to join the force. There are always a lot of applicants for the available positions, so it is important that you do all you can to make your application stand out.

The MET Police recruitment process for Special Constables is as follows:

Metropolitan Police Application Form

To begin your application to the Met Special Constables, you must first register your interest via the site, and answer a set of eligibility questions, based on your age, health and fitness, occupation, criminal convictions. Certain careers are also excluded from eligibility, including currently serving in the armed forces; other uniformed officers, for example traffic wardens, firemen, security guards, and more. A complete list is available on the site.

The application form itself is straightforward, asking about your education, previous applications, employment history, address history and conduct declaration. You are assessed at this stage against how you fit the eligibility criteria above.

Selection centre and Metropolitan Police Test

The Met Police selection centre involves two days at the selection centre in West Brompton. The first day of the selection centre involves a written test and interview designed to test you against the Metropolitan Police’s core competencies for Special Constables. You are also asked to bring a completed security questionnaire with you. Only if you are successful in the first day will you be asked back for the second day, which involves a job related fitness test, and a medical assessment.

Metropolitan Police Written Test

This test is designed to examine your written English, including spelling, punctuation, grammar and handwriting legibility. These skills are a key part of a Special Constable’s job, as out on the beat, all you have to work with is pen and paper. 

Metropolitan Police Interview

Your Met Police Interview asks specific questions against five competencies required to become a special constable.

These competencies are:

  • Personal responsibility - for your actions and decisions.
  • Customer & community focus - aware of the needs of different people.
  • Teamwork - working with others and effective teamwork.
  • Respect for diversity - provide service to the different communities in London.
  • Effective communication - with people from all parts of life, both verbally and in writing.

You are advised to prepare examples to answer questions on these competencies ahead of your interview. The Met Police advise organising your answers according to ASPIRE:

  • Appropriate
  • Specific
  • Positive
  • Individual
  • Relevant
  • Emphasise your role in each

As well as carrying out this preparation, you may want to review your interview skills, and some tricks for improving the impression you make on the day. You can do this with the JobTestPrep online interview preparation pack.

In Summary

If you pass both days of the selection centre, you will then have just one more stage to go, the security and references check. You will have done well to get this far, there are a lot of applicants for Special Constables, who apply for a variety of reasons including as a step in to the Metropolitan Police. In this article we have outlined the Metropolitan Police Special Constable selection process, and the interview you will sit at the selection centre. We hope you have found this article useful. Good luck!

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