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What You'll Get

  • 11 Saville-style numerical practice tests
  • 18 Saville-style practice tests
  • 14 numerical tests
  • 11 numerical video tutorials and 7 study guides
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At JobTestPrep, we spare no effort to help job applicants successfully pass their Saville Numerical Test and become employed. Our carefully designed materials contain a variety of tests modelled on Saville Numerical Assessment, including the entry, operational, managerial, and graduate levels. Job applicants can have access to any level they need to prepare for their examination.

Other materials available to you are video tutorials and step-by-step study guides devised to help you track your progress and identify your weak points. With our help, you can channel your energy into areas where your knowledge is slight, filling gaps in it and coming to your tests equipped with needed information. Our exercises and drills will strengthen your numerical skills and will teach you to calculate so accurately and quickly that no mathematical problem on Saville Numerical Test will prove unsolvable. Prepare with our Master PrepPack™ and start making a career in a new company.

 What Is Saville Numerical Comprehension Practice Test?

Saville Numerical Comprehension Practice Test is designed to measure how well job candidates interpret numerical data. On the test, you will be given exercises featuring different tables and graphs, questions about which you will need to answer within a very limited time.

When you start your test, a graph or a table will appear on the left side of your computer screen. Questions will be shown on the right. To answer these questions, you will need to perform basic mathematical calculations: adding, subtracting, dividing, and multiplying. Often, you will need to decide what percentage of time or people, or objects, or activities was involved in a described event. You will also be asked to evaluate a truth-value of a given statement. If you agree with it, mark it as “True.” If the statement does not hold water, tick it off as “False.” Sometimes, however, you will not have enough data in the table or chart to estimate the valence of the statement. If this is the case, select the “Not Possible to Say” option.

Note that Saville Numerical Comprehension Practice Assessment is a speeded test: it contains 32 questions, which you need to answer within 16 minutes. You will not be given time extension, if you fail to answer all questions. Therefore, even if you do not know what answer to choose, do not ponder over a question but move to the next one, because by lingering over it, you may run out of time altogether and leave other questions unanswered.  

 What Is Saville Numerical Analysis Test?    

Saville Numerical Analysis Test is a reliable estimation of job candidates’ ability to understand numerical information. This test consists of series of tables and graphs followed by multiple-choice questions. As a rule, a graph or table will be shown on the left-hand side of your screen, whereas a set of questions or statements will appear on its right side.

To answer these questions, you will need to make numerical inferences, evaluate quantities, and compare given pieces of information. Performing basic mathematical operations such as adding, subtracting, dividing, and multiplying will be required. You will also be asked to calculate whole numbers, fractions, and decimals, using either a calculator or a scrap of paper and pencil.

Sometimes, you will be presented with statements whose truth-value you will need to estimate. Depending on whether you think the relation of the statement to truth is positive or negative, choose the “True” or “False” answer. But note that there will be statements whose truth-value will be impossible to determine for lack of information. In this case, mark the statement as “Not Possible to Say.” Saville Numerical Analysis Test has a strict time limit and contains 28-32 questions. You will have less than a minute to answer each of them.


Practise Online for Your Saville Numerical Test with JobTestPrep's Master Pack

Having good numerical skills is important to achieve success in many occupations. Most tasks performed at work require employees to understand and analyse numerical data. To ensure that they hire competent people able to perform basic arithmetic operations, companies ask their prospective employees to take Saville Numerical tests. These tests reliably measure applicants’ abilities to make numerical inferences and compare numerical data. Succeeding on your examination guarantees that your employers will want to move forward with your candidacy. Do not, therefore, lay your professional future on the line by coming to your pre-employment assessment unprepared. Practise with our exclusive Master PrepPack™, enhance your numerical skills, ace your Saville Numerical tests, and become your recruiters’ first choice for the applied position.


JobTestPrep’s high-quality practice resources will bring you a step closer to the realization of your professional aspirations. Purchase our Master PrepPack™ and without delay start preparing for your Saville Numerical Test.

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