The Maersk Application Form

Preceding the aptitude tests is a basic online application form in which you are given a chance to upload your CV and cover letter. Although it's not mandatory, we strongly advise you to upload a cover letter mentioning the key competencies of the company:

  • Constant Care – Maersk expects candidates to keep abreast of current affairs in order to ensure the customer is always happy.
  • Humbleness – Maersk demands candidates possess the ability to listen and learn from others.
  • Uprightness – Maersk requires complete honesty in everything you do.
  • Our employees – Maersk wants employees who create the right environment for the best work production.
  • Our name – This is the sum of all the Maersk values—passionately striving higher.

Maersk Professional Learning Indicator (PLI) Test

On the Maersk PLI, test you will be given 12 minutes to answer a diverse mixture of 50 questions. These include:

  • Verbal Reasoning – drawing logical conclusions from verbal information
  • Numerical Reasoning – arithmetic questions
  • Diagrammatic Reasoning – inferring a set of rules from visual information and applying them

You will need to work quickly and carefully at the same time. This may sound quite hard, but with the correct practice you can complete the test successfully.

Maersk Personality Test

Once you have completed the Maersk PLI test, you will have to take the Maersk predictive index (PI) personality test. The test isn't timed and each question should be answered thoughtfully. It was once thought that there was no point in practising for these types of tests. However, research has shown that personality tests are no different than any other test in this regard. Practise does make perfect.

Maersk Telephone Interview

The next stage after the aptitude tests is a 30-minute phone interview. It is conducted by a member of the HR team and is based on your personal skills and capabilities as measured by the tests.
Some questions to expect during the Maersk telephone interview are:

  • What types of people do you work with best?
  • How do you cope with working with friends, whilst also maintaining a professional approach?
  • Are you able to work independently?

You will also receive feedback on the Maersk online tests you have taken. During the telephone interview, you must show that you not only have the required skills but also the motivation and willingness to learn and grow. After taking the practice tests, you can learn how to best prepare for these interviews with our interview preparation services.

The Maersk Second Interview

If you perform well on the first interview, you will be invited to a Maersk office for an additional interview. This will be conducted by an HR manager and any number of managers who want to get to know you. This is a more skills-based interview, with questions on your application strengths and weaknesses, as well as on your skill levels. This interview is at least an hour in length.

Maersk Graduate Program

The Maersk graduate program is an all-inclusive two-year program that is international in nature; you could be sent to anywhere Maersk thinks you will grow. This is particularly true for the Maersk International Technology and Science (MITAS) program for newly graduated engineers and geoscientists. After the completion of this two-year course, you will be offered a full-time position back in the country you originally applied for.


Prepare for Success

The Maersk application process is fairly short in comparison to many other energy companies. The process takes between four to six weeks to complete, although it can be longer in some cases depending on your location. This page focuses specifically on the Maersk graduate programs as they are the longest and most detailed of Maersk's application processes. If you are applying for an experienced hire position, be sure to read the sections on the interviews, as this is what will make or break your application. Prepare for success with JobTestPrep's resources and get the position you are hoping for. 

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