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Purpose Behind the PrepPack™

With the growing sophistication of the job market, employers have become smarter with how to perform their hiring process. Instead of interviewing everyone straight away, they put their job seekers through various preliminary computer-simulated examinations. This way, the number of people that make it  to an office interview is  narrowed down Start preparing with our practice PrepPack, so you might get through the front door and have the actual in-person interview.

GIA Test

The main provider for Lufthansa is GIA - the Thomas General Intelligence Assessment. GIA examines several abilities, such as your numerical and verbal skills. The focus of the GIA tests, however, is the assessment of general cognitive abilities rather than specific, more advanced intellectual capacities. Accordingly, the questions are considered quite trivial, whereas the emphasis is put on speed and accuracy. The key to succeed in the test then is to answer correctly as many questions as possible in its very short timeframe. As a matter of fact, most people are not able to complete the whole test.

The GIA test is comprised of five sections: Perceptual speed, Reasoning, Number speed and accuracy, Spatial visualisation and Word meaning. The section on perceptual speed examines your error detection ability regarding written material. There are two rows of four letters – one lowercased and the other uppercased – and your task is to determine how many of them match each other.

The reasoning section evaluates your ability to make assumptions and draw conclusions based on given information. You will be presented with a single sentence before  moving to the next screen, where  will find a question regarding that sentence with several answer choice options.

The third section measures number and speed accuracy through questions of basic mathematical understanding. Here, you will be shown three numbers and asked which of them is the furthest from the middle.

The fourth section aims to assess your mental visualisation skills and your ability to apply them to solve problems. There will be two pairs of shapes shown in sequence, whereby you will be required to indicate how many of them consist of precisely the same shape (one, both or none).  

Lastly, the word meaning section evaluates your vocabulary and elementary linguistic skills. In each question, you are asked to identify which word out of the three shown to you is odd, in the sense that whereas the other two words have something in common, it does not.


Concentration Tests

Concentration tests are designed to evaluate your ability to focus on monotonous, repetitive tasks, as is often the case in certain real-world jobs. Most jobs demand some degree of concentration, but some positions allow very little space for mistakes, since a mistake could result in a loss of significant amounts of money, or even a loss of lives. Typical such professions are train drivers, air-traffic controllers and, of course, pilots.

Concentration tests usually consist of pages of similar-looking information to work through. However, you are not provided enough time to complete the required tasks, as one of the principle principal goals is to check how much you can cover in a correct manner within the limited timeframe. Thus, concentration tests aim to measure speed and accuracy, as well as vigilance and attention to detail. Two of the most common concentration tests are the Safe Concentration and Attention Test, or SCAAT, and the Group Bourdon Test, also known as dot test.


Prepare to Beat the Competition with Lufthansa PrepPack™

When the competition is fierce, you need to make sure that you get the best preparation possible. Our Lufthansa PrepPack™ offers you just that, with the most comprehensive and professional practice package, that includes GIA–style practice tests, a concentration test and much more. Get your package now and stand out from the rest to land the job that you deserve.


Lufthansa, GIA and other trademarks are the property of their respective trademark holders. None of the trademark holders are affiliated with JobTestPrep or this website.



Lufthansa, GIA and other trademarks are the property of their respective trademark holders. None of the trademark holders are affiliated with JobTestPrep or this website.

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