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Our jam-packed PrepPack™ is a cluster of 1 concentration test, 2 numerical exams, a single verbal test, 2 analytical thinking, 2 email tasks along with 1 concentration guide and 1 in-tray exercise guide. 

Purpose Behind the PrepPack™

In the growing sophistication of the job market, employers have become cleverer with how to present their hiring process. Thus, instead of interviewing everyone straight away, they put their job seekers through various computer simulated examinations. This way, the numbers of actual people that come to the office are thinned. Begin practising so you might get through the front door and have the actual in-person interview.

What's Included

  • 1 Concentration Test
  • 2 Numerical Tests
  • 1 Verbal Test
  • 2 Analytical Thinking
  • 2 Email Tasks 
  • 1 Concentration Guide 
  • 1 In-Tray Exercises Guide
  • Money Back Guarantee - See Terms and Conditions

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