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LANTITE Test Information

The Literacy and Numeracy test for Initial Teacher Education Students (LANTITE) test, also known as a teachers' literacy test and teachers' numeracy test. The LANTITE is a literacy and numeracy test taken by either students or graduates of teacher education courses. 

The purpose of the LANTITE test is to asses prospective teachers' skills in the areas of Literacy and Numeracy. In order to pass the LANTITE, a candidate must demonstrate skills at the level of the top 30% of Australian adults.

  • The Literacy section of the LANTITE test contains questions covering two main topics: Reading and Technical Skills of Writing.
    The Reading component tests your skills in reading comprehension and in interpreting information in tables and charts.
    The Technical Skills of Writing component tests your skills in spelling, punctuation, and vocabulary.
  • The Numeracy section of the LANTITE test contains questions covering three main topics: Number & Algebra, Measurement & Geometry, and Statistics & Probability.

    The Number & Algebra topic focuses on word problems that must be solved using equations. The Measurement & Geometry topic includes questions about reading devices such as clocks and thermometers and analyzing geometric diagrams. The Statistics & Probability topic covers analysis of data in graphs and charts and calculation of probabilities.

The LANTITE test may be taken at testing centers throughout Australia. Alternatively, you may choose to take the test at home using a remote proctoring service via webcam. There are four testing seasons per year.

The LANTITE test, or just one section of it, may be retaken if necessary. However, except in special circumstances a candidate is only permitted to take the test a maximum of three times- so you should prepare properly.


Format and Scoring of LANTITE Test

  • 2 test sections: Literacy and Numeracy
  • It is recommended to do each section on a separate day (if possible)
  • Each section takes 2 hours to complete
  • There are 65 questions per section
  • The Numeracy section contains both calculator and non-calculator questions
  • Questions are either multiple choice or short write-in answers

LANTITE test scores fall into three categories:
Band 1 scores are below standards, Band 2 scores meet and exceed standards, and Band 3 scores greatly exceed standards.
In order to pass, a test-taker must achieve an overall score of either Band 2 or Band 3 in both Literacy and Numeracy.

Note: It is still possible to perform in Band 1 in some areas of each test while having an overall score in Band 2 or Band 3. For example, on the Numeracy section a student could receive a Band 1 score on the Number & Algebra topic yet still receive a Band 2 score overall because of stronger performance on other topics.

Tips and Tricks for Preparing for the LANTITE Test


LANTITE Literacy Test Tips

  • For reading comprehension questions, always look for evidence in the passage to support your answer.
  • Practice the proper use of punctuation marks and pay attention to them when you read.
  • Familiarize yourself with the differences between commonly confused words. For example: its it's, there vs. their vs. they're
  • Last but not least, reading widely about topics that interest you is a fun and effective way to improve comprehension, spelling, and grammar.

LANTITE Numeracy Test Tips

  • Find different kinds of graphs and charts in newspapers, magazines, and websites. Science and social science publications are particularly good for this. Practice matching information displayed in the chart with description in the main text.
  • Practice mental math in everyday situations like calculating discounts and change at stores. This will help you build confidence on both the calculator and non-calculator portions of the test.
  • Gain familiarity with common conversions between fractions, decimals and percentages. For example, 1/5=0.2=20%.

General Tips for the LANTITE Test

  • Practice our free sample questions!
  • Remember you're not alone! Find a study group at your university. If there isn't one already, consider starting one with other education students who are preparing for the LANTITE.
  • Look into your options to take the test when and where it is most convenient for you. You may take the test before, during, or after completing your studies. Remote proctoring is an option that allows you to sit the test at a time and place of your choice. Note that your university may have its own requirements for when students sit the test.
  • Keep a positive attitude about the exam. The LANTITE is not designed to trick you. Also remind yourself that your professors and fellow students are there to support you all the way!

LANTITE Test Practice Questions



Numeracy part:

1.The following chart shows the average temperature, in °F, for Monday (orange), Tuesday (yellow), and Wednesday (blue). What was the approximate temperature on Tuesday?

Graph Lantite

Choose your answer:


2. Look at the diagram below and answer the following questions.
According to the thermometer, what is the temperature in the room?

Temp. Lantite

Choose your answer:


3. The number of pets owned by families on a certain block are 1, 0, 2, 0, 0, 4, 1, 3, and 0.

Find the average number of pets per family.

Choose your answer:


4. How many more employed graduates were there in 1990 than in 2000? (calculator allowed)

Job Prospects for University Graduates

   1990   2000  
Type of University Unemployed Employed  Unemployed Employed
Private 155 1475 125 1350
State 125 1610 150 1250


Choose your answer:



Literacy part:

Select the sentence that represents the best example of English grammar and choose the right answer below:


Researchers have developed new headphones that block out extra noise while enhancing sound quality.


We excepted the award from the committee with honour and dignity


He bought designer racing shoes since his running next week's marathon


A trip is needed in order for the factory to assure, that the product will be distributed in a timely manner.

Choose your answer:


Need More Practice for the LANTITE Test?

JobTestPrep is currently developing study materials and practice tests to help you prepare for the LANTITE test. Subscribe now and we will e-mail you as soon as our practice pack for the LANTITE test is available.

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