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What Is the Healthcare Assistant?

Called also a Nursing Assistant, Nursing Auxiliary, or Auxiliary Nurse, the Healthcare Assistant is a crucial part of every nursing team in a hospital, surgery, or in a residential care home. Often, the Healthcare Assistant pays visits to patients in their homes. The job that Healthcare Assistants do varies, depending on what kind of help they are asked to provide. They can work in tandem with doctors, nurses, midwives, and radiologists and thus give a hand with different tasks, from taking blood to changing patients’ bedsheets. To a great extent, the duties of the Healthcare Assistant overlap with those of the Nurse. What is different in these two professions is that, as less trained, the Healthcare Assistant is given less responsibilities and handles less complex tasks, disallowed, for example, to administer medicine and perform certain nursing operations. The Healthcare Assistant’s major duty can be summed up as making patients feel comfortable and cared for.

What Responsibilities Does the Healthcare Assistant Assume?

Healthcare Assistants shoulder various responsibilities, the specificity of which depends on the place where they work. To put it simply, Healthcare Assistants who work in hospitals and health centers take on different responsibilities. Working in hospitals, health care assistants have the following duties:

  • Dispensing meals to patients and helping them eat;
  • Helping people move around the hospital and its vicinities;
  • Assisting people with toilets and showering;
  • Making beds;
  • Monitoring patients’ conditions: measuring temperatures, taking their pulse rate, respiration rate, and measuring their weight;
  • Comforting patients.

Those Healthcare Assistants who work in the health centre or General Practitioner’s surgery perform slightly different tasks:

  • Sterilize surgery tools;
  • Checking patients;
  • Processing laboratory samples;
  • Taking blood samples.
  • Measuring blood glucose level.

Other responsibilities of Health Assistants working in hospitals, residential care homes, or patients’ private homes may be the following:

  • Talking to patients, supporting their spirits and good mood;
  • Listening to patients’ needs, trying to satisfy them most efficiently;
  • Turning patients in bed, if they are unable to move themselves, to prevent bed sores from appearing;
  • Cleaning patients’ areas;
  • Ensuring that medical supplies are always replenished;
  • Notifying nurses and doctors, if, after being measured, patients’ temperature, pulse, or respirations are abnormal;
  • Performing electrocardiograms and, in so doing, monitoring patients’ heart activity;
  • Preparing patients for medical treatment;
  • Setting up equipment required by nurses and doctors;
  • Assisting doctors administering treatment;
  • Recording patients’ progress after every session of therapy or treatment.

What Skills Should the Healthcare Assistant Possess?

The job of the Healthcare Assistant is not easy both physically and emotionally. Healthcare Assistants often take care of dying, terminally ill, or bed-ridden patients, which takes a lot of dedication to and love for suffering people. Compassion is the key virtue in this profession.  Other skills are the following:

  • A caring and approachable nature;
  • An open mind;
  • The ability to work with people of various ages and with various health conditions;
  • Sensitivity;
  • Excellent communication skills;
  • Good listening skills;
  • A respectful approach to patients and colleagues;
  • Tact;
  • The ability to take initiative;
  • Flexibility;
  • Reliability;
  • Excellent organizational skills.

How to Become the Healthcare Assistant?

The Healthcare Assistant is an important part of the medical team. As a rule, no formal education is needed to work in this role. Some employers, however, may ask applicants to have GCSEs or equivalent in English and Mathematics to be considered for the position. Other employers may also want them to receive such healthcare qualifications as BTEC or NVQ. To be employed, you may also need to complete apprenticeship in healthcare courses. There are different apprenticeship courses in the Healthcare Industry. If you are interested in becoming the Healthcare Assistant, you can choose one of the courses listed below:

  • Allied Health Profession Support;
  • Clinical Health Care Support;
  • Dental Nursing;
  • Emergency Care Assistant;
  • Maternity and Pediatric Support;
  • Pharmacy Services;
  • Nursing Degree Apprenticeship.

All these apprenticeships are worth considering because they allow you to receive structured training with employer and open various opportunities for you in the Health Industry. The duration of apprenticeship programs ranges from one year to four years. At JobTestPrep, we can help you not only to become accepted for the apprenticeship program of your choice but also to pass exams while you are studying on it. Our exclusive PrepPack™ contains the Numerical Reasoning Test, with which you will sharpen the precision and speed of your calculations. By practising with our Verbal Reasoning Test, you will hone your understanding of written information and improve your English proficiency. Our Logical Reasoning Test, also included in our PrepPack™, will teach you how to find a missing figure in a series of four or five figures. Practise with our resources and turn your apprenticeship program into an easier, more rewarding experience.   

When you have completed your apprenticeship, you may be offered a permanent job. Some of the above-mentioned apprenticeship courses will provide you with qualifications to go to the university. When you gain experience in working as a Healthcare Assistant, complete a University Degree, or receive a certification in healthcare, you will be able to start working towards becoming a nurse, midwife, support worker, or social worker.

Where Can You Be Employed as a Healthcare Assistant?

In the United Kingdom, you can be employed by several organizations, if you want to work as a Healthcare Assistant. Among these organizations are the following:

  • The National Health Service (NHS);
  • Private Hospitals;
  • Private Agencies;
  • Residential Homes;
  • Nursing Homes;
  • Hospices.

How Much Do Healthcare Assistants Earn in the UK?

An average salary of the recently qualified Healthcare Assistant is £14,000, though you can receive up to £16,000 in some organization. The lowest wages received by the new Healthcare Assistant is £13,000. As you gain work experience, your salary may raise up to £18,000 a year.   

What Is the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK?

Launched in 1948, the National Health Service is the publicly funded national healthcare system in the UK. The core principle of the National Health Service is that medical treatment should be available for all, regardless of people’s wealth. The National Health Service in England is free. Residents and temporary workers or international students pay only affordable amounts of money for prescriptions, optical services, and dental services. Emergency treatment ant treatment of infectious diseases are free for everyone, including visitors. Funding for the NHS comes directly from the general taxation.

What Is the Numerical Reasoning Test?

JobTestPrep offers to applicants several psychometric tests, one of which is the Numerical Reasoning Test. This test evaluates how well you analyze information presented in statistical tables, charts, and diagrams and how accurately you calculate. On the test, you will be presented with facts and figures appearing in tables, charts, and diagrams, which you will need to analyze. Having done so, you will be required to answer questions about these facts and figures. The Numerical Reasoning Test is a multiple-choice test. You will need to choose one correct answer among several incorrect alternatives. Time on this test is strictly limited. You will have less than a minute to answer each question. You will not be permitted to use a calculator. Instead, you will need to make calculations on a scrap of paper with a pencil. Coming to this test without preparation is self-defeating. Do not lay your professional future on the line by declining our help. Our exact simulations of the Numerical Reasoning Test and the Nursing Numeracy Test will improve the accuracy and the speed of your calculations and will ensure that you receive a high score on your actual examination.

JobTestPrep does everything in its power to help applicants to become employed as Healthcare Assistants. To achieve this aim, we have brought together in our PrepPack™ simulations of the Numerical Reasoning Test, Verbal Reasoning Test, and Logical Reasoning Test. Accompanying these test simulations are detailed study guides and score reports, with which help you can track your progress while you are practicing and eliminate your weak points before you come to your examination. For your convenience, we have also added to our resources interview answers and tips. If you go over them, you will feel more confident during your interview and will make more favorable impression on your potential employers. Buy our top-notch materials and begin to assist patients in hospitals, health centers, nursing homes, or private residencies.  


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