Prepare for GSK Assessment Centre and Interview

The GSK assessment centre varies from job to job and can last for half a day to two days of assessment. Assessment centre tasks may vary according the role or scheme you are applying to. Below we list some of the most common tasks to expect.
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GSK assessment centre exercises include:

GSK ability test – In this group test you are given a set of scenarios based on the type of work someone in your role may come across. Your task is to classify another item on the same scale. This could be a product sale or some other work related task. This test is in some ways similar to an SJT (Situational Judgment Test) as you are asked to read situations to identify the way forward.

Group exercise – This exercise is designed to understand how you work in a team setting. Throughout the exercise you are assessed on your contributions to the discussion. They want to see how you balance talking and listening to others, as well as what you actually say. You are given a set of materials the day before the assessment centre to prepare and understand. Past topics for this exercise include the workings of a fictional pharma company. Your group will present your findings to the assessors, with each of you getting five minutes to talk. Gain tips for an exercise like this with our group exercises page.

Role Play – This exercise is designed to assess how you respond to situations in the workplace. Ahead of the exercise you are given some background information about the situation your are about to find yourself in. You will play one role with your interviewer taking on the other part. You are given some key objectives to achieve through the exercise, and you are assessed on whether you achieve the objective and the routes you take to achieving it. You are often given the role of a manager and the assessor the role of the employee. You will be asked to convince your employee to do something for you. This is where you have a chance to really show your managerial and analytical skills.

The GSK written exercise – This test is used to evaluate and assess how you prioritise work, solve problems and manage time. This exercise is essentially an in-tray exercise, where you are given a lot of different information in the form of work memos and you have to make rational decisions based on your understanding of the situation in order to prioritise replies.

GSK Presentation – The presentation can take two different formats. You are either given the presentation topic a few days ahead of the assessment centre, or on the day itself. When it comes to giving over your presentation, the assessors are looking at your delivery, your content and how you communicate with your audience. Gain tips on how to prepare and give over an effective presentation with our presentation pages.

Technical exercise – Applicants to technical positions may be asked to undertake another exercise. This exercise is either a presentation on a topic related to the job you are applying to, or a technical interview.

GSK Interview

The interview is the final assessment at the GSK assessment centre. Applicants to experienced hire roles may simply be invited to an interview. The GSK interview is predominantly a behavioural interview, meaning that they are looking for examples of how you have reacted to situations in the past. The interview also gives GSK an opportunity to assess your skills and experience as well as your motivations and reasoning for wanting to work with them.

Prepare for this interview by reading up on GSK and the role you have applied to. Review your application and what you wrote on there. Think of more examples from your experience that you feel present you in the best way against their criteria. Rehearse answers to common questions such as the ones in our free guide to interviews. And, as before, pull together all your preparation with a mock interview, such as our Skype based interviews.

In Summary

The GSK recruitment process has been developed to ensure that they only employ those with the best skills in the areas they are looking for. They are challenging in and of themselves, but when you consider the competition from other candidates, the whole process gets that much more difficult. Preparing well for all of the above tasks will stand you in good stead throughout the entire process. In this article we have highlighted JTP’s resources, all designed to help perform to your best. Good luck!

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