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The GSK graduate test you will take contains several key features which are relatively uncommon.

Your GSK test is adaptive. This means that the questions will get harder or easier from question to question depending on how well you answered previous questions. The test will also contain as many questions as the system takes to get an accurate picture of your level.

The GScontaincontains several different styles of question. Read the instructions carefully ahead of the test so you know the different styles you can expect.

GSK’s tests are untimed. On the one hand, this will take some of the pressure off you, but GSK will also receive a report on how long the test took you, so speed is still important in this test.

This pack contains a range of styles and levels of tests to enable you to get an all-round preparation experience. The different levels mean that you will be able to answer easier and more difficult questions alike. The questions in this pack are designed to follow IBM’s Kenexa’s test format.

The tests you will take depend on which programme you have applied for. Typically you will have between one and three tests as well as the values fit assessment. You have two days to take each test from the time you receive your invitation link. Look carefully at the name of the test before preparing.

What's Included

  • Kenexa style numerical reasoning questions
  • Kenexa style verbal reasoning and true, false, cannot say test practice
  • Kenexa style logical reasoning practice
  • Personality profiling test to prepare for values fit assessment
  • Practice drills and tutorials
  • Secured payment
  • Exclusive to JobTestPrep


JTP is not affiliated with GlaxoSmithKline or IBM’s Kenexa. Our tests are designed to help you prepare the types of questions you will encounter, but will not be exactly the same as your test.


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