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How Can JobTestPrep Help?

At JobTestPrep, we do our best to bring job candidates to the successful completion of their pre-employment assessment. To help them be hired at Generali, we have collected useful information about its recruitment process and the test that it administers to its job candidates. Then, having put our heads together, we modelled our test simulations on the official Matrigma Test and put them in one high quality PrepPack™. With these simulations, you can familiarize yourself with the test format and enhance your ability to make logical connections between figures, understand the relationship between different objects, and find similarity between dissimilar items. All these skills are measured by the Matrigma Test and, if developed in advance, will guarantee to Generali’s recruiters that you will deliver good performance at work.

Eager to help job candidates also during their phone and in-person interviews, JobTestPrep has also included in their materials the interview kit containing answers to the most frequently asked questions. In it, you can also find various tips on how to be likable and professional during your conversation with interviewers. Detailed study guides and answer keys also added to our PrepPack™ will enable you follow your progress while you are studying and eliminate your weak points if you put an extra effort into your preparation for the pre-hire process. Check out our resources and, after practising with them at home, go to your examination and interview full of confidence and knowledge.

What Stages Does the Recruitment Process Include at Generali Group?

The recruitment process at Generali Group is not complex. It consists of several stages:

The Phone Interview

After you have submitted your documents and they have been screened, you will be scheduled for the phone interview with the Human Resources manager. Sometimes, this interview is conducted through the Skype. Be prepared to talk about your education, work experience, and future objectives and goals. If you have recently graduated from college, you may be asked about your studies and the main subjects you took for your degree.

This interview may be followed by another Skype interview with two managers of prospective divisions. They will ask you competency-based and situational questions. To answer situational questions well, follow the STAR format; that is, bring an example of a difficult, challenging Situation in which you were involved in your previous workplace or studies. After describing the situation, talk about the Tasks that you set to fulfill to deal with the challenges. Even more important is to elaborate on Actions that you went into to solve the problems you faced. In the end, talk about the Results you achieved, emphasizing also alternative actions that you could have taken to make the situation better but discarded as less viable.

The Matrigma Test

If you impress your recruiters during your phone or Skype interview, you will be invited to take the Matrigma Test. An accurate measurement of applicants’ general mental ability (GMA), this rest predicts whether they will succeed in their new role. In its assessment of cognitive intelligence, the Matrigma Test centres on those abilities that play an important part in working efficiently and quickly. These abilities are problem solving, logical reasoning, and decision-making, among others.  

Unlike other tests, the Matrigma assessment measures applicants’ fluid intelligence; that is, their ability to solve problems without prior knowledge or experience. Not relying on job candidates’ acquired knowledge, the Matrigma test is a precise prediction of their future performance at work, regardless of their educational, cultural, or social background.

Note that this test is much longer than an average psychometric test. While most of the psychometric tests take on average 20 minutes to complete, the Matrigma Test is usually completed within 40 minutes. What is also peculiar about this test is that the difficulty of the questions posed on it increases as applicants are progressing through it. The method of increasing the difficulty of the questions allows employers see who of the test-takes strived for higher results and did their best.  

Passing the Matrigma Test successfully is not an easy feat. You will do yourself a favor, if you practise for it before you enter Generali’s examination room. Our accurate test simulations will familiarize you with the test’s format and questions so well that no task will seem puzzling to your during your official examination at Generali. Do not squander your chances of landing the job you want by declining our help. Study with our exclusive PrepPack™ and surpass all other candidates for your desired position.

The In-Person Interview

Before you have your face-to-face interview, you will need to complete a form with questions about your employment and family. After this, you will have an interview with several representatives of Generali Group who will walk you through your CV and ask you competency-based questions. They will also try to gauge your ability to handle pressure and your common sense. Your ability to empathize and prioritize emergencies will be estimated as well. You may also participate in short make-believe scenarios related to the insurance industry. In return, your interviewers may explain to you what your responsibilities will be, if you become employed. To help you pass your face-to-face interview with ease and confidence, we have compiled a list of the interview questions presented in the section below.

What Questions Are Posed at the Interview at Generali Group?

What follows is a list of questions that real job applicants were asked during the interview at the company in the past:

  • Tell me a time, when someone gave you a recommendation that you did not accept and why?  
  • What made you decide to apply for Generali Group?
  • What do you know about the position?
  • Explain any leadership roles you had at your previous positions or college;
  • Tell me about a time when you had a difficult project where you had to ask multiple people for help to make the project successful.
  • What do you value in a company?
  • What do you know about insurance policies? 
  • How would your friends define you?  
  • Do you think that you can fulfil this job requirements?  
  • What was the toughest problem you had to deal with?
  • What was your biggest professional achievement?  
  • What skills did you acquire from your previous work experiences?  
  • What do you know about Generali?  
  • List three positive and three negative aspects of your personality;
  • How much do you expect to earn in 5 years?

Consider these questions carefully and formulate winning answers to them. Coming with ready answers to your interviews will make you look smart and confident in the eyes of Generali’s representatives.

JobTestPrep has developed high-quality test simulations and interview materials. By practising with our resources, you will join the enthusiastic team of the largest insurance company in Italy.

Generali Group, Matrigma, Microsoft, and other trademarks are the property of their respective trademark holders. None of the trademark holders is affiliated with JobTestPrep or this website. 



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