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About the GAD

The Government Actuary’s Department (GAD) provides actuarial consultancy services to government departments and organisations. The Trainee Actuary Programme is the graduate scheme for training the actuaries of tomorrow. The recruitment process is designed to ensure that they pick the candidates who best fulfill their requirements.

The GAD Trainee Actuary Programme recruitment process is discussed below.

GAD are looking for a set of skills in their applicants beyond your actuarial skills. Throughout the application process you need to demonstrate you possess the following skills:

Communication Skills

You need to be able to explain the concepts behind your work and the implications of your results to people who know nothing about actuarial work.

Determination and Responsibility

You will be studying as well as working when you begin at the GAD. You must be able to combine both tasks.

Confidence and Maturity

You must have confidence to deal with decision makers and be able to take on management responsibilities.

GAD Application Form

The first step towards working for the Government Actuary’s Department is the application form. This application form asks for the usual information including your personal, educational and work experience details. The form also asks for your reasons for choosing to become an actuary and why you want to work with GAD.

One of the key parts of your application form is the skills and experience section. In this part of the form, they are looking for evidence of your skills and achievements. You need to show how the experiences you have had in the past have honed your skills. Think carefully about each answer, and use the STAR method to develop each answer. The questions are about managing a double challenge, working with others, and responsibility and proactivity.

GAD Online Aptitude Tests

If your application form impresses the recruitment team you will be invited to take a set of online tests provided by CEB's SHL. For the GAD trainee scheme these tests are likely to be numerical reasoning and verbal reasoning tests.

Numerical Reasoning Test

Numerical reasoning tests are designed to assess your ability to understand information provided in numerical formats (tables, charts, graphs, and so on), make simple calculations, and use the information you have to answer questions and evidence points. These tests are multiple choice, and there is usually less than a minute to answer each question. Although not complicated mathematically, they do require you to utilise information in a different way than plain maths. 

Verbal Reasoning Test

Verbal reasoning tests examine your English language skills, more specifically how you use and understand written information to reach conclusions. Verbal reasoning tests involve a text to read with a series of questions to answer, either using a true/ false/cannot say format or multiple choice options. The tests are time-limited, usually with around a minute for each question. Each answer must be based on the information in the text only. 

GAD Assessment Centre

The final stage of the GAD recruitment process is the assessment centre. The assessment centre takes place over one day and is made up of two parts: a written exercise, and an interview.

Written Exercise

The written exercise lasts 60 minutes, and involves an analysis of a variety of information resources to draft a letter for your manager or a customer of the department (for example, an MP). Materials include e-mails and correspondence, data tables, as well as other forms of statistical information and background reports. One of the key things to remember in this exercise is to pace yourself to ensure that you do not run out of time before you have finished everything you wanted to put in. 


The interview is your only chance to meet the recruitment team face to face, so it is crucial that you make a good impression. The interview will focus on you application form as well as some competency or technical questions (for example explain standard deviation). Prepare for the interview by reading over your application form. Be prepared for in depth questions about the information you have put on your application form, and be prepared elaborate further. Organise any new examples you put together using the STAR method (Situation, Task, Action, Result). Don’t forget to review statistical and technical terms ahead of your interview to build up your confidence in the interview. 

Practice for Success 

Trainee actuarial places are highly sought after, with high competition for relatively few places. The GAD is no exception. In order to be offered a position, you will need to perform as best you can at each stage of the recruitment process. JobTestPrep has all the resources you need to prepare to succeed throughout the GAD interview and assessment process. Start practising with us today. 


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