Operational, Business Support & General Staff Aptitude Test Practice

This bestseller package is optimal for sales, support, customer service, administrative and similar positions. It covers all the possible aptitude tests that appear at assessment centres.

Aptitude: General Staff
  • 38 numerical tests
  • 35 verbal reasoning, comprehension and application tests
  • 15 inductive reasoning tests
  • 11 error-checking and accuracy tests
  • Comprehensive explanations and solving tips
  • 13 video tutorials and 5 study guides

JobTestPrep's aptitude test pack gives you an opportunity to practice the most popular cognitive assessments used by employers these days, targeted at the below groups:

→ Sales and customer service

→ Business support (marketing, assistants, etc.)

→ Technical roles. For this group we also offer the technical aptitude test battery.

→ Administrative and clerical. You can also check our clerical aptitude tests.

→ Cabin crew

We made sure to include all major aptitude test types, including numerical, verbal and non verbal reasoning. You could use this pack for more than one application and/or employer, as the variety and quantity of questions is huge (over 1000 practice questions in total).