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European Medicines Agency’s Hiring Process

There are many different stages in the European Medicines Agency. Depending on the position you wish to apply for, these stages may include:

  • Application Process: To begin you will need to select a suitable position from the EMA jobs webpage. From there you will be prompted to complete an online application and to upload any relevant documentation (CV, cover letter, etc.).
  • Phone Screening: The purpose of the phone interview is to not only gauge your interest in the position and the company but your compatibility with the role being offered.
  • Psychometric Assessments: the pre-hire test or tests that you will be required to take during the hiring process will depend on the capacity of which you would like to enter the company. The assessments you will most likely be taking will be provided by the European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO).
  • Assessment Centre: Most roles and trainee programmes within the European Medicines Agency may require you to participate in an assessment centre. During an assessment centre you will meet other candidates and participate in group activities, additional testing, and in-person interviews.
  • Personal Interviews: In-person interviews will often be held in a group or panel setting. The number of sit-down interviews you will need to go through prior to being offered a position will vary depending on the role.

Prior to applying for a position with the European Medicines Agency (EMA), you should check that you meet not only the prerequisites for the role you are pursuing but the also the company’s specific eligibility standards as well.

European Medicines Agency EPSO Tests

The most common aptitude tests that you will take during the EMA recruitment process will be provided by EPSO. These tests include:

EPSO Administrator Level Tests

The EPSO Administrator Level assessments will measure your proficiency in both numerical and verbal reasoning as well as abstract reasoning. This exam will also measure your ability to assess different situations in the workplace with a situational judgment test and a personality questionnaire. Our PrepPack™ was designed to facilitate your learning process using hundreds of practice questions with included answer explanations and solving tips.

EPSO Assistant Level Tests

Although both the Administrator and Assistant Level tests measure the same proficiencies, the Assistant Level assessments are of a higher level of difficulty. Our EPSO Assistant Level PrepPacks™ include dozens of comprehensive practice tests, as well as study guides and solving tips to ensure your ability to outscore other applicants.

Other sections of these tests may include case studies, error checking tests, and in-tray assessments. The combination of your CV, entrance exam scores, and interviews will give the recruitment team at the European Medicines Agency a better idea of your ability to effectively perform the required duties for the vacancy in their organisation. Familiarise yourself with the material you will be tested on during the EMA hiring process with JobTestPrep to launch your career.

European Medicines Agency Interview Process

Another key component of the EMA pre-employment process is the interview process. Whether you are interviewing over the phone or in person, it is crucial that you take the necessary steps to prepare.

During your EMA interviews, you will be asked a variety of questions ranging from your previous work experience and its relevance to the position or programme you have applied for, as well as behavioural and situational questions. Below we have included some examples of questions you may be asked during your interviews with the European Medicines Agency:

  • Why would you like to work for the European Medicines Agency?
  • How is your previous work experience relevant to this role?
  • How would you handle a conflict between yourself and another co-worker or supervisor?

When answering behavioural questions it is recommended that you use the STAR interview method to ensure that your responses are both structured and engaging for your interviewer.



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