EPSO Test Tips: Verbal Reasoning Tests

Are you preparing for EPSO tests? One of the most feared is the EPSO verbal reasoning test. To help you on your journey we have prepared this blog packed with tips and advice to give you the best chance of success.

EPSO Verbal Reasoning Tests: Nuts and Bolts

Simply put: 20 questions, 35 minutes, assessing your verbal skills. Subject matter: anything to do with European life particularly focusing on law and life in Europe. This however is simply the “simples”. Just the knowledge of the test outline won’t get you through it, particularly as you typically need to score about 75% minimum just to progress further.

Understanding an EPSO Verbal Reasoning Sample Question

To give you a real feeling of what you will face in EPSO verbal reasoning tests we will go through a typical question example:

Cryptographic schemes that protect online banking and credit card purchases have proven their reliability over decades. However, a pressing concern may be its inadvertent misuse by people authorized to access it as tighter restrictions on access could undermine the whole idea of sharing data. For example, coordination across agencies and providers could be the key to quality medical care. Researchers at CSAIL believe the solution may be transparency rather than obscurity. They're developing a protocol they call "HTTP with Accountability," or HTTPA, where each item of private data would be assigned its own uniform resource identifier (URI), a key component of the Semantic Web, a new set of technologies, championed by W3C, that would convert the Web from essentially a collection of searchable text files into a giant database.Which of the following statements is correct?

  1. There has been an increase in cybercrime over the last 10 years.
  2. HTTPA will become the industry standard instead of HTTPS.
  3. People authorised to use the information are giving away details on purpose.
  4. CSAIL hope that using transparency will stop people using information inappropriately.

Let us go through the text to understand it correctly. There are a number of different stages in the text that we can break down into the following:

  1. To protect money online companies use cryptographic systems.
  2. This system has a security problem.
  3. To make it more secure will create a new problem.
  4. There is a new solution called HTTPA.
  5. This will change the internet into a giant database.

This is essentially the storyline of the text. Now we will go through each of the answer options to see which one is correct.Option A: When answering EPSO questions (and most verbal reasoning tests) we must assume that if you cannot clearly see the contents of the statement in the text it is not the correct answer. Therefore, it may very well be the case that there has been an increase in cybercrime over the last 10 years. However, we don’t know about this from the passage. Whilst it does state that there is a “pressing concern” this does not tell us how long it has been pressing and if this is because of cybercrime. Hence we have to conclude that this is the incorrect answer and cannot be true.Option B: The rule that we used in the above option can be used for option B as well. However there is an even simpler way to disqualify this answer. It may well be that you know about HTTPS but it isn’t mentioned at all in the passage. Hence we can disqualify this answer immediately. As above, this is irrelevant of whether the statement is true or not.Option C: Whilst this option is somewhat correct as people who are authorised to use the information are giving it away it is incorrect that they are doing so on purpose. Hence it cannot be the correct answer.Option D: As we can see from the break down that we created (steps 4 and 5) it is clear that this is the correct answer.

Practice what’s important

The only way to get to the EPSO assessment centre, whether for ADAST, CAST or in any other path of entry is a successful pass on EPSO tests. Knowing how to prepare for these tests gives you the skill and confidence to pass them to your ultimate potential. Moreover, if you do get an invite to EPSO assessment centre you have a very high chance of getting a job. Take the practice tests, get good at them and you will be well on your way to one of the best jobs in Europe!

The Tips to success for EPSO Concours

Be Careful: Read the passage and the question carefully, really carefully. They are often worded in a way that is supposed to confuse you. Words to be wary of: Always, Never, Sometimes, Often. Remember, anything that is not extra clear is probably like that for a reason.Know your method: There are a number of different methods for answering questions in verbal reasoning tests. Know what works best for you by seeing our free verbal reasoning video and availing yourself to our EPSO test packages.Use your time well: As already mentioned, there are 20 questions to answer in 35 minutes. This may seem like plenty of time and in reality it is and you should be able to complete the entire test.However, this is only if you know what to do. This being the case, try to work as quickly as you can and use maximum concentration to get through the test. This doesn't mean being reckless in your answer choices, it just means that it is possible for you to answer every question leaving enough time at the end of the test to double check your answers. You should aim to have at least five minutes at the end of the test to check through your answers.Know where the test centre is: If you are unsure of the exact location, call the test centre up and request a map. You can even use google street view to know the surroundings. This may sound a bit silly but in reality anything that you can do to ease the pressure is important.Know how to use what you are given: You are given a small white board that you can take notes with. Listing some of the main points of the passages sometimes helps not only get things clearer but can also act as a calming measure. On the other hand, it may waste your time so decide ahead of time what works for you.Read the questions: This may sound silly but many people only glance at the questions without fully understanding what is being requested. This leads to mistakes that can easily be avoided and can be hugely frustrating particularly if you have the skills to answer the questions.Know the test format: There are a number of different passages used in the EPSO test. The questions are randomised and you will have multiple questions for each passage. Therefore it is perfectly acceptable to spend slightly longer than you think you can the first time you “meet” a new passage. This should save you time in the long run!Practice: The most important tip for any of EPSO tests is to practice, practice, and practice some more. With practice you increase your skill level, learn how to deal with pressurised situations, and develop a thorough understanding of how best you can pass this test.

What JobTestPrep Offer:

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