EPSO Case Study Preparation: The Basics

The EPSO case study is either taken as part of the assessment centre in Brussels or at a separate location beforehand in your county of application. This is generally the same location you took your EPSO computer based tests.

In the EPSO case study you are given materials to read through ranging from emails, memos, reports and other relevant articles, approximately 15 pages in all. Although in some EPSO competitions you are asked to take a pen and paper case study, most candidates are now asked to complete it using a computer. However even in computer based EPSO case studies there is no spell check or ability to use any “normal” word based features such as copy, paste, underline, bold etc. In fact, you are not even given paper and pen to make notes with, instead you are given a small white board to use for notes. You have to write a detailed report on the subject with an introduction, main section and full conclusion.The time limit for this test is 90 minutes. 

EPSO Case Study Example Questions

The style of the questions is such that you are basically asked to do three separate tasks. In fact, they are very similar to answering questions in the STAR method. You are asked to write a report detailing the following:

  • An executive summary of the situation at hand.
  • What are the problems facing the company/ situation at present?
  • What do you recommend that would increase profits etc.?

It is your task to create a report detailing each step of the process. First of all you have to show your knowledge of the area by detailing the main concepts and details covered in the EPSO case study example. Following this you have to detail any problems that are either covered intrinsically in the materials provided or that you can think of based on them. Finally you have to come up with possible solutions and recommendations that you think will increase the efficiency/ profit margin etc. of the company.

Your report should be between 500 and 1000 words and should be a complete discussion of the subject. As there is a 90 minute time limit for this test you have enough time to read through all the source material and write a detailed report if you work quickly.

EPSO Case Study Competencies

In your EPSO case study preparation you need to be aware of the competencies that are being assessed. In fact, your case study report score is determined by the EPSO competency framework. In general there are four competencies measured. However, in some specialist roles there is a fifth competency that is defined in your notice of competition. The four are:

Analysis and problem-solving: This means identifying critical facts in complex issues and developing creative and practical solutions. There are many facts to deal with as you can see the official EPSO case study examples. You have to show that you cope well with complex information and show practical awareness to find good solutions to the problems.

Communicating: Communicating clearly and precisely in your writing. A good way of showing this is through the creation a good plan at the top of your report and then going through the points in a clear and concise way.

Delivering quality and results: There are very clear instructions telling you how to go about writing your report in the EPSO case study. Following these is not only a good idea but vitally important as they are the markers for the assessors telling them how to score your report. In the EPSO tests there are set procedures that you have to follow if you want to score highly. Following these demonstrates that you are able to deliver quality and results.

Prioritising and organising: Prioritising the most important tasks, working flexibly and organising workload efficiently. These are a lot of items in the EPSO case study samples. Although much of the information is necessary to compile your report correctly, some of it is not. You have to show that you are not distracted by this information and can select the important material and leave aside the “chaff”.

How to Prepare for the EPSO Case Study

Take a look at our tips blog for EPSO case study preparation. However the most important thing to know is that in order to do yourself justice you have to practice. Without a full understanding of what you need to do you will not show your full potential and skill. At JobTestPrep we have a variety of resources to use to help you prepare for the EPSO case study. If you've got any questions feel free to contact us, we aim to answer any question within 24 hours.We hope you have enjoyed this article and look forward to having you on board.

What's Included

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