EPSO AST Numerical Reasoning Test - Assistant Level Test Practice

Are you applying for an assistant position in the European Union? Do you have to take the EPSO AST tests? Take the numerical reasoning test with ease and confidence.

EPSO AST Numerical Test Practice
  • 3 full-length EPSO style AST numerical tests
  • Additional practice drills in specific numerical topics
  • Data analysis - percentages, ratios, averages, etc.
  • Video tutorials
  • Study guides
  • Smart score reports
  • Tests are in English
  • Secured payment
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  • Immediate online access and practice 24/7

This test is used in the assessment of candidates who are applying to assistant positions in the European Union (AST 3-16). It is a 10 question test that focuses on your ability to manipulate numbers that you have to find in tables of information. These tables typically focus on different European economic subjects.

How Can JobTestPrep Help You?

As one of the leaders in the psychometric testing world we are aware of the nuances that make the EPSO tests unique. We have crafted our practice packs to reflect this. Each of our tests comes with full explanations to the questions and answers as well as tips and help in order to give you access to the thought processes needed to answer the questions. Moreover, you can take the EPSO style tests in both a timed and untimed mode to give you the best chance of success.